Ye Eternal Question Of Avatars Position


So, now that we have the forum almost ready, it’s time we discuss this utterly sensitive issue. The way I see it (and why I opted for this particular format) is that I can align text to the left margin and the profile to the right margin without any kind of division. Otherwise (if the avatar is aligned to the left margin) I may need to add a division because I can’t align the post text to the right margin.

I wonder if that just made any sense to you :no:


Voted ‘whatever’. The way it looks now is absolutely fine with me - no strong opinion on wanting the avatar on the left so don’t really see the point in taking up your time to rework the layout for this.


I’d prefer them on the right side…That way, you can picture the avatar saying whatever it’s saying :slight_smile:


Another “whatever”, I don’t really mind

could you not lose the “save” button? I’m forever pressing the bloody thing lol… does any actually do a save n come back to it?


Most forums I’ve seen have avatars on the left…
…which makes having them on the right feel like a breath of fresh air.

I voted accordingly. :slight_smile:


[quote="“MikeM”"]Most forums I’ve seen have avatars on the left…
…which makes having them on the right feel like a breath of fresh air.[/quote]
My thoughts as well. I’m still getting used to it, but it’s a nice change.


I for one, enjoy the layout on the right side of the screen.


Normally you put the Avater in the left, because you read from left to right and thus you expect to get the first informations you need to unterstand the conten on the left. That is why most forums have their Avatars or userpics on the left, so you can always see who is saying what within you natural field of view before reading the text. It can get irritating for some, and I still catch myself looking on the wrong side sometimes… but to be honest, in the end it all boiles down to a personal perference of layout. I have no real problem with this. Its not that I don’t care, its just that it really doesn’t bother me that much. I feel that you have to decide what you like best, all that science that I wrote on top is just the given reason why placing the userpic on the left is so popular.
With PHPBB2 you can have serveral layouts and let each individual choose for themself, that way you can really satisfy everyone :wink:.