Writers' Thread

Well, VonStreff in the Artists’ Thread suggested that writers could have their whole separate thread, so I thought I’d make one. :smiley:

I’m a fiction writer–I used to tell people I was a fantasy and science fiction writer, but so far my published stories include two horror stories, one horror/comedy, and a romance, oddly enough. No luck with the fantasy/sci-fi so far. XD

I also do some freelance writing, which can be cool.

So, who else here is a writer?

Aspiring, but not complete. I’ve never managed to finish anything but short stories. Everything else, I’ve gotten to about 25,000 words then either get bored of what I was writing, realize that everything I had written was crap, or get stuck.

I try but can’t claim to be published. I did complete NaNoWriMo twice now but don’t know how much that counts.

You can find most of my attempts here

I’m writing my first fantasy novel. I have a short story written, I should publish it on Amazon for 99c. It’s a psychological thriller, I think… Quite interesting, if I do say so myself. :wink:

I’ve considered self-publishing a few times, but every time I start, I back away from it and decide to try just a few more publishers first.

I’ve been going through all of my old writing to type it up and save it, and fittingly, I found a description I started writing about an abandoned psych ward! XD

Hey everyone, my novel now has an fb page :slight_smile: Check it out for updates and news!


[quote=“VonStreff, post:7, topic:572”]Hey everyone, my novel now has an fb page :slight_smile: Check it out for updates and news!


Good to see it! :smiley:

None of my works have their own Facebook page, but I’ve got an author page now: https://www.facebook.com/SamanthaLienhardAuthor

I’m very happy to see writers introducing themselves and their works in this forum. Hope you can all exchange resources and ideas, and I wish you the best of luck with your projects.

BTW writing 25.000+ words of a coherent story is no small feast. Don’t scrap such works, on the contrary, it may take several rewrites to achieve something you’re finally satisfied with. Someone once said that 70% of what you write is always crap (or was it 90%?).

I think I’ll use NaNoWriMo as an excuse to start working on that 25k word beast again. I still have it saved on here somewhere. I still like the premise I had, but the execution was terrible. Maybe a fresh start will allow me to get up to that 50k goal.

I generally don’t like time or length constraints, but I admit that NaNoWriMo is a cool exercise that can help you to stay focused. Still, 50k words in a month with barely any time left to do a thorough revision isn’t my cup of tea :frowning:

I’m definitely in the “aspiring” category (or, more accurately, the “wildest fantasy of newbies” category). I started drafting my first horror novel several months ago, but before I can do any more I have to finish my 5-chapter doctoral dissertation—which, with four weeks left until the deadline, is its own form of horror, so Agustin, I feel your pain! It’s incredibly inspiring to hear about the writing projects/goals of other horror/fantasy/sci-fi fans :slight_smile:

NaNoWriMo is great. This year, I used it to write a collection of short stories, instead of a new novel.

I was contemplating NaNoWriMo this year but I came to it several days late, and didn’t have the time in the end. :frowning: I think it’s a great idea though - to have that single goal, and just to get yourself writing something - anything - without having to worry about where it might go, or what you might do with it. If you think it’s good afterwards, you can always worry about rewriting and editing it then. :slight_smile:

I haven’t published anything either. I wrote an adventure story akin to The Famous Five when I was about 13. And I’ve started countless other stories but never finished them. I did write the story of Corrosion into a 40,000 word novel-like thing before I started to make it into a game, just to help me get the feeling for everything that was going on. :slight_smile:

I can’t really say I’m a “writer”, but I do write for for fun. One of my current projects is a space/sci-fi story about a courier sent to deliver a message to Earth. His payment of course is the free trip to Earth following his decision to spend everything on a ticket for his wife in order to escape impending war on his planet. Humanity still doesn’t have access to faster than light travel and as a consequence will take almost 200 years for him to reach Earth, most of which is spent in cryosleep. A few years into the voyage the ship is set upon by pirates and his cryotube is ejected out into space as he sleeps. His savior being the backup battery which can last for a few years. The courier wakes up an unknown amount of time later aboard another vessel. After reading a cryptic message from the now dead captain the courier sets out to deliver the message and find out why it was so important.

I don’t have a lot of time to write, but maybe one day I’ll finish it. It’s nice to find others who like to craft stories here. I look forward to reading some of your works.

That sounds like a great premise for a story. I was ready to read more. :slight_smile:

I vanished from the forums for far too long! Too much to do these days… I’m in a graduate program for Writing Popular Fiction, so between that and my freelance writing work, I find myself much busier than I used to be.

Someone close to me has just published their first book. “The Septic Circle”. It’s a satirical comedy following a year in the lives of five people who start a psychic circle and told through their diaries. It’s seriously funny with some great characters and I highly recommend it. :wink:


The blurb from the back:
As the only sceptic in Cravenly’s new and not-very-psychic circle, how many haunted toasters, possessed worry dolls, and sabotaged book signings can one man cope with? Jay Taylor’s patience may already be stretched to breaking point, but the odious presence of ego-ridden psychic star Fenwick Arcana could just push him over the edge. Having taken the nervous wreck who started this whole mess, Freddy, under his wing, and with gossip-monger Lysander and irrepressible believer Marnie to cope with, the circle’s most reluctant member is about to have his sanity severely tested. Gathered together, their diaries chronicle the circle’s first year, as they fight through a minefield of paranormal detritus, smug wizardry, toxic baking, revenge plots, and the filming of disastrously amateur paranormal TV show, Spirit Squad. But through all that, perhaps the biggest battle any of them will face is one another. And the loneliness. For anyone who ever wondered if it is possible to catch a ghost using marmalade*. *it isn’t.