Will this work?

Hey, I need to know if you could use this engine to make a 2D game rather than a 3D one. The game would be a 2D action/adventure title, the gameplay kind of like castlevania, or metroid. Thanks in advance.

No, it’s not practical to do that with Dagon. You can create slideshow-type of adventures such as Myst, but animated avatars on screen are currently not supported (it’s doable via heavy Lua scripting but I’m afraid it would be a lot of work).

Thanks Agustín, I’ll use a different engine for the 2D game, but I have some 3D ones up my sleeve, so I’ll use this for one, if not all of those. It’s a shame that I can’t use this for a 2D game though, I’m pretty sure I orgasmed when I saw the specs.

Hmm. The 2D and 3D labels are obsolete. We have 2D images with animated 3D objects, 2.5D worlds with 2D sprites, 2D images wrapped in a 3D world (Dagon), plus the traditional 3D objects in 3D worlds, 2D images in 2D worlds. Among the 2D backgrounds we have scrolling, sliding, panning, zooming. Am I missing anything?
Actually, ‘zooming’ is an uncommon method. Instead of sliding sideways on a fixed imaged, you zoom in and out to simulate forward motion, although that requires the square of the percentage of zoom rather than a linear relationship with panning images. A 2x zoom 3 times in a row would require an image with 64 times the normal file size. egads… although on today’s PCs a 10,000 MB image is not inconceivable. Actually, that would be pretty cool: one fixed image of a monster starship and you can zoom in super close to see/interact/destroy local details, zoom back out to get big picture then zoom back into elsewhere. Call it a zoomer instead of a scroller :slight_smile:
Well that was certainly off-topic. :-[

yes there’s a stunning panoramic of Paris that you can zoom in on, the quality is unbelievable