Why I am so happy Asylum is taking so long


Yes, of course you can try the demo. I assume you never got that email, so I’ll send the details of your Steam key via PM.


Are you STILL happy Asylum is taking so long? Seriously?

The thing is you mentioned Obduction saying it was buggy. The backers have continued to work on this with even support for the Mac. I backed the game and got it on release. So… maybe some people had bugs but mine played fine. I enjoyed the visuals, the puzzles (though wow a couple were kinda hard) and the rest. All in all a great game from the creators of MYST and URU. I don’t think that any of the bugs were game breakers, they mostly were long load times, etc. but like I said I didn’t experience them.

In any case the Kickstarter for Obduction was started in October of 2013. They estimated the release for November 2015 and it was actually released in August of 2016.

Asylum was announced in July 2010, Kickstarter in January of 2013 to “accelerate the game’s development” and as of April 2017… seven YEARS from the start… nothing.

Yeah… if you are “so HAPPY” that Asylum is taking this long still… well I won’t say what I think because it would be impolite. The last “estimate” I saw was Q4 of 2016, and then because of “Steam sales dates”, they didn’t want to release it then supposedly. So now it is Q2 of 2017 and there are still messages being sent about the wonderful progress being made. People have started college and graduated with a doctorate in the time that has passed making this game.

AAA titles that have huge amounts of gameplay have taken less time. Good lord STAR CITIZEN has taken less time… and it’s kind of revolutionary. This is a point and click puzzle game. I am really doubting ANYTHING that is posted anymore by Augustin. I have heard excuse after excuse and release date estimate after release date estimate. I am glad you were happy… I am sure you can be counted on to back Augustin’s other projects then too. Good luck with that.


I sincerely can’t believe you’re still comparing us to big budget AAA titles. I’m sure Star Citizen will take less time with 140 million dollars. Our budget is still around 200k (that’s a 0.14%) with Kickstarter and money from my own pocket. It’s no secret we grossly missed the mark, but the true and only reason it’s taking so long is because we’re attempting to do the equivalent of a AAA adventure game, both in terms of content and quality. Some people intimately familiar with the project suggest that, while not revolutionary, Asylum will leave its unique mark in the adventure genre.

And I definitely take the blame when it comes to estimations – it’s the problem when fans are anxious (which I understand) and they demand a potential release date. I don’t want to pull an “it’s done when it’s done”, so I do my best.

Games take time. Some take more time than others depending on the scope, budget, and vision of the project. Even some expensive productions will even take several years – The Witness, released to critical acclaim in 2016, cost 6 million dollars and took 8 years to complete. We’re still not taking that long :slight_smile:


I realize it’s probably frustation speaking, but considering there have been development updates and demos, I wouldn’t call that “nothing” in the last seven years.


I agree with Agustin completely here. Yes, it is taking long to finish Asylum, but there are good reasons for that. Making a 5/10 game a 7/10 would take a few months with enough money, but making a 8/10 game a 9/10 would take incredible amount of resources (time and money). It’s not exactly science, but as the quality increases, the amount of resources you need increase exponentially. You can’t compare games that spend dozens of millions in a jiffy to this.

I can only respect Agustin for accepting the pressure and going for the game he can be proud of instead of releasing something just acceptable and be done with it.


Fair enough, I am going to try and respond to Augustin, bd339 and civanT all in one post here. To bd339, yes it is frustration partially and point taken… After considering your comment I ask that all please edit my post from “from the start… nothing” to “from the start… almost nothing”. (yes a bit of a smart aleck reply but do you get my point?)

Now Augustin, I was referencing AAA titles as a counter-point. In that “hey look there are really HUGE and technically INSANE games like Star Citizen that are showing significant progress in less time”… BUT yeah, again point taken I could have made a better example and my point was not clear. Let me please clarify, any game that takes so long from big to small, without really any visible signs of progress other than reports which… frankly seem misleading when taken in total (notice I said seem please, I don’t think they they are just that it’s easy to get that impression) would be equally worrying.

Augustin, I think you are an INCREDIBLE artist. Let me put that up front. From what I have seen of your work… dude you have a God given gift. Plus from what I have seen of your “wall of games” we have very similar taste in games and both of us grew up in the 80’s/90’s Infocom/Sierra peak creation. Well, I say “grew up” but I was 18 in the mid 80’s. I am not denying your talent. Further $200,000 is in real life a tiny amount. Seriously NOT arguing that, and in fact you SHOULD have asked for more when you realized it was needed. I and your other backers who really wanted this game would have supported that. I would STILL support that. Seriously… even now, because that is a reason I can understand and again $200K to make a decent game… is next to nothing.

With all of this, while I can sympathize with your problems Augustine, from my side of the fence it passed the point of reason fairly long ago. I know you are building a development studio from the ground up. I know there are technical difficulties (though there always are). I know that for what you are doing the money is insanely small… and I even understand though still disagree with taking on other projects while having the first incomplete. I have become very familiar with the game creation process with all of these Kickstarters. Yep… and still… (sigh) it really has passed the point of reason.

And last but not least, civenT. I am not arguing that there are reasons… but “good” reasons? Nope. If more money is needed it should be asked for. I can understand that much more than all new funding goals for new projects being worked on in parallel. At this point I have heard the reasons and while I agree they are probably “honest” reasons, “good” is simply unsupportable at this point. I really wish that Augustin had simply come to us and said look, Dagon isn’t working like we hoped and it is going to cause huge delays and cost more… so this is what we need or the game is n’t getting made. That would have been far better than “it’s going to be late… and we have this other project we’d like you to fund”. Do you see the problem with that? I fully believe that is why the second Kickstarter failed to reach it’s goals.

In conclusion, the gaming community really does like to support developers. They especially delight in tossing money at their favorite developers… Star Citizen/Chris Roberts anyone (ok I’ll quit with the Star Citizen comparisons but it was apt). Augustin earned a lot of credibility with “Scratches”. I honestly believe that running another Kickstarter for a second game, when the first was not finished was a huge mistake and gave a very bad impression. Even though I understand Augustin’s reasoning. I wish that Augustin had asked for more money for Asylum when Dagon crashed and burned. I really think we would have understood that. AND STILL WOULD. Make no mistake Augustin… I think you still have a lot of support for this game and we understand you having to feed your family and pay rent while making this. Yet if it’s not coming out… even that’s ok. Just knowing one way or another would be good at this point.

Best of Luck.
Bob Smith


I can see how fans may perceive there’s been little progress since Asylum was Kickstarted as we’re intentionally drip-feeding news from the game. I want to keep its storyline as mysterious as possible, and yet we’ve already shown too much for my taste. I don’t need to summarize every update (about 50) thoroughly detailing the development and decisions we’ve been taking. You mentioned that you supported many Kickstarters – I honestly ask you, how many of them will post entire articles chock-full with screens, videos and insightful details? I also backed 160+ projects and still receive updates worth three sentences.

But I don’t mean to compare ourselves to other campaigns. My point is, there has been notable progress, from completing all the environments in the asylum, all interactive characters, the lengthy cinematic intro, reinventing the interface with great results, new visual effects, not to mention a huge demo of the game just for backers. Just to name a few key areas where we made progress. Again, it may be a matter of perception, but “from the start… almost nothing” doesn’t cut it either. Sorry.

As for your other points – asking for more money isn’t simple. You might be inclined to do so, other backers may not. I agree the second Kickstarter was questionable. It seemed like a good idea at the time and I’m not sure I’d do it again. I would have loved to do Charles Dexter Ward, though, and you won’t believe how many people are still encouraging us to relaunch that campaign (which we won’t).

I know the situation is not ideal but believe me, we are making solid progress, we care about Asylum and we care about our fans. I wouldn’t be here if that wasn’t true.


Fair enough, I was wrong to say “almost nothing” and I apologize. It came from a place of frustration as previously mentioned and was unfair and incorrect. The snarky change to “almost nothing” (mostly harmless anyone? God Bless Douglas Adams)… well that was just snarky. No you don’t have to defend your progress and updates, you have been very good about posting information. Though perhaps what you describe as trying to not release spoilers is why some of the releases seem a bit odd or off. Again, this may just be my perception of them and may not be shared by others following the progress. It does make more sense to me now, and might explain the lack of details sometimes odd.

Yep, I am still as of right this second willing to re-back at the same or an increased level to create this game. I would happily drop another $50 or $100 dollars if you need it . I have no problem backing and supporting your art Augustin. Not at all. You again, are really good at this from every single thing I have seen. I am not blowing smoke up your nether region, I am just stating what I believe to be true. Again I think that you should have asked and I believe that you would have been really surprised at the response. Though again this is just my opinion.

In the end, I support games I wish to see made. I have dropped thousands of dollars on Star Citizen so… backing other titles is not unreasonable. This is one of those games. We shall see, and I wish you nothing but the best.

Bob Smith


Thanks Bob, I truly appreciate your support and willingness to back the game again, not to mention everybody’s patience while we fulfill this project. It means the world when backers are willing to put more money into the game, even if it doesn’t feel quite right to me.

Not entirely ruling out the possibility, I guess, since many are insisting so much, but there’s been an interesting development which has improved our financial status. I can’t comment on this just yet, but it’s definitely good news for everybody.

So I’m determined to deliver more timely and thorough updates as progress in Asylum is picking up a good pace. Real sorry that I still can’t provide a tentative release date, but we’re slowly getting there and there’s cool stuff happening behind the scenes which I can’t wait to share with you.

Again, thanks all for your support and understanding!


Hey there , do you have any news regarding the release date or at least a pre-order in steam ?
it’s pity that the game takes a long time to be completed, people have already played other AA titles like outlast 2…
what i mean is that the more time it takes for the game to be completed the more the expectations of the players are being increased…Just finish the game and if players see any bugs , you create a patch …just like that …don’t spend so much time checking it…plzzz…:sweat:


Bugs aren’t the problem right now, as we’re still working on the game logic, but still releasing a game with bugs isn’t acceptable. I made that mistake with Scratches (twice, even!) when publishers rushed me, and the result was utterly frustrating for players. It’s certainly something I don’t want to do again.

Also, this comes up often because both games share the same setting, but Asylum is the polar opposite of Outlast. I just don’t think Outlast II, III or IV will make any difference :slight_smile:

(though I truly expect to release Asylum before Outlast V)


Anybody know when this is actually releasing? I’ve been a registered user here for quite a long time that I can’t remember if I even backed this or not…

Scratches is one of my favourite horror games so I’d love to play Asylum soon.

Edit: Okay I’m a PayPal backer, I pledged 3 years ago… lol


Scratches is one of my very favourite horror games to sadly I cant play it again at least not on my window 10 when Aslyum comes out we will be amazed they are really working hard on this one wish I could play Scratches again.


@Plumpbiscuit, as a PayPal backer you should have been receiving periodical updates about the status of the game. If you haven’t, let me know and I’ll double check to make sure you’re on the list. As for release date, we’re working to announce a tentative one as soon as we can :slight_smile:


@skippy, unfortunately we don’t own the full rights to Scratches and can’t do anything with the game. However, there are ways you can make it work on Windows 10. Let me know what kind of error you’re receiving (perhaps in a separate topic to avoid derailing this one) and hopefully I’ll be able to help!


hi, when will we be able to find asylum in steam platform and follow it or pre-order it ?
we are looking forward to see this like crazies…xD :sweat_smile:


That I can answer, and the answer is soon. We’re working on a proper Steam page featuring new details and screenshots that you’ll be able to use to wishlist the game :smiley: