Why I am so happy Asylum is taking so long


well Obduction just came out and a lot of people are saying its has a few bugs in it .maybe I should have said that , this is why the longer a game takes to come out then you know its perfect. and anything senscape does is perfect right .:sunglasses:


I agree! Still looking forward to getting my hands on Asylum.


Couldn’t agree more. Even though I haven’t backed the game, and only made this account just now, I have been following the development for some time. And I am definitely going to buy it! Unless it turns out to be terrible (which I highly doubt) :slight_smile: .


Haha, thank you so much for the support folks. As always, it means a lot :smile:

Indeed, one of the reasons Asylum is taking so long is that we’re ensuring the game is virtually bug free upon release and no annoyances will break the immersion we’re striving so hard to achieve. Especially with a horror game, pesky bugs can seriously hurt the experience.

So, anyway, Asylum Won’t Suck™. 100% guaranteed :sunglasses:

PS: It’s my understanding that Obduction is doing really well. Bugs aside (and I did stumble into minor but negligible ones myself), this could be one of the most successful videogame Kickstarters ever.


I’m just going to leave this question here, and hope you answer:

Is it still possible to pledge money towards the game and become a backer? Or is that opportunity long gone?

Also, I’m so happy to hear you’re that confident in your product :smiley:


Not for now, no. At this point, we’ll just wait until we can do a proper pre-order campaign. However, we might offer the chance to get some of those remaining exclusive rewards (i.e.: become immortalized as an inmate of the asylum) before the game is released.


That has been my question as well ! I was not around for the Kickstarter,but would love to be able to say,that in some small way I had a hand in backing this long-awaited game !

I would jump at the chance to pre-order or possibly get one of those exclusive offers that are left !

Really looking forward to the release of this game !!


We seem to have loads of lurkers in this forum. Nice to see you all here!

I’ll be posting updates soon, so make sure to stick around :slight_smile:


Sounds good!
I’ll be sure to come back often, so I don’t miss anything :slight_smile:

Excited for the upcoming new website too!


I’m happy for it to take as long as it takes because once it’s released, I know it will take me years to play the whole game by which time, Agustin should be working on the sequel.

Yes, I went there. The SEQUEL.



“well Obduction just came out and a lot of people are saying its has a few bugs in it .maybe I should have said that , this is why the longer a game takes to come out then you know its perfect. and anything senscape does is perfect right .:sunglasses:

Unfortunately, this isn’t quite true. Look at Destiny, at Duke Nukem Forever, and at No Mans Sky. These games took many years to produce and release, none of them lived up to the hype they were touting. I was following No Man’s Sky since 2013 when they released the teaser. I followed Duke Nukem Forever since they announced it’s release (10 years after the original). And I followed Destiny since the Bungie split and Halo MMO replacement announcement. All of these were failures compared to their proposed games.

Don’t get me wrong, I see the path that Asylum is going since conception, and Senscape is proceeding in the right direction, but I can’t help but feel that the longer I wait, the more suspense the wait builds, and the more we expect them to be producing the “perfect” product, the more harm Senscape will see upon release. There is no such thing as a perfect game, and waiting this long for it, makes it grow closer to perfect in our heads, and the more disappointing it may be on release.

On the other hand, this game may be as close to perfect as you can get a game. Only the release will tell the story.


So it’s now August 2016, how can I get involved? I pledged at the $250 level and am chomping at the bit to test and get involved more, I feel like I haven’t heard anything for years.


Did you get your Humble/Steam key to play the alpha of the game? Granted, it hasn’t been updated in a while, but the new demo (for backers only) should be ready later next month.


Do you mean the email I received January 2015? Nearly two years ago?


Yes, I see that you found it in another post. Let me know how it does.


hi there, i see a demo version will be available next month…Do we have to expect a release date of pre-order at steam in December or we 're going for 2017 ?:confused:


Bear in mind that demo version I was referring to will be released for Kickstarter backers only. I still haven’t decided if we’ll make it publicly available later.

I definitely can tell you that we won’t do a pre-order until we’re very close to release, say at least one month in advance. And yes, we’re going for 2017 – sorry :frowning:


A preorder directly on Steam might not be possible at all. The developer of Technobabylon said in the Steam forum that Valve only allows that if there is also a boxed release.

I suppose that it’s still a question mark if the boxed version will be publicly available (so aside from the Kickstarter rewards)?


Depends on a few things. We’re going to do a limited run obviously, mostly for Kickstarter rewards, but it remains to be seen how many boxes we’ll produce in the end.


I did back through Paypal 4 years ago and not Kickstarter. Do I get to play the demo?