When oh when is Asylum coming out?


No, sorry. And even if we managed to complete it now, this is a terrible date for independent releases (especially adventure games).

We remain working on the game. In case you missed it, here’s a very detailed status update: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/agustincordes/asylum-kickstart-the-horror/posts/1385900

And of course, our very well-received intro of the game which was made public recently: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P8PC56qGEWw

Here’s hoping we can announce (or at least estimate) a proper release date soon :slight_smile:


I pop in every couple of months to check on progress. Good to see positive things emerging on each visit. Loved the little FMV on the last update. Scared the bejeebus out of me when I played it. Great screamer whoever that was. :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks! New update that will be exclusive for backers coming later this week :slight_smile:


wondering when Asylum is coming out no rush because when its ready to be released I know that the basement from scratches made me not want to go down mine anytime to soon.heard that you really want to avoid the one in Asylum.


We’ll have news about this soon, and you can definitely expect locations just as bad (if not much worse!) than the basement in Scratches. You’re going to have nightmares about a particular sequence in the game :slight_smile:


Scrathes was and will always be one of the best adventure games would like to replay it again but it doesn’t work on my windows 10 anyways I can wait for Aslyum the longer a games takes to be realesed that’s good news.


Been registered here since 2013. I think i lost faith in this game. Gonna play the town of light.

Devs, really hope like for real, you will release it this year, i don’t care when, but damn at least release it in 2016. You could release it on steam under early access for god’s sake. People will buy, there is a hunger for indie games…


We really are trying our best. And yes, we are also considering early access should we not make it.

I wouldn’t say there’s a hunger for indie games, though. Quite the contrary, the indie market is horribly saturated right now. But we don’t consider ourselves “indies”, at least not in the widely accepted usage of the word…

Anyway, I promise to post more news as soon as possible. We’re preparing truly interesting stuff to show you :slight_smile:


This game surely will be the biggest most detailed point and click game out there. So its a gem, from what i’ve seen, like, screenshots, and i’m sure it will have a long story, or at least decent hours of gameplay.


Honestly, I agree with you about the Kickstarter argument. You are correct, in that Kickstarter is about backing a product and sometime (most-times actually) those projects fail. However, if the game is simply never coming out I could accept that. I have backed several otehr projects that have. What kind of annoys me is the fact that other projects were started and funding sought through Kickstarter/Indiegogo at the same time that work on Asylum was supposedly ongoing.

Honestly, at this point I have given up on ever seeing this game. Further this has ensured that I will never back another Senscape project. I cannot help but think I am not alone in this opinion. Which is a shame because I really want to support the creation of these types of games. I really enjoy graphic adventure point and click puzzle games. Especially those with a horror vibe. “Scratches” was so well done, that it earned my support for future work.

Years I can understand… this? Well, it proves to me that while great artists still exist in the genre… that does not make them good business managers.

Best of Luck,
Bob Smith


I sincerely don’t see the problem in seeking funding for additional projects. It’s not that we misused the money we have for Asylum. Back then, there were artists in the team that didn’t have any more work to do in Asylum – I tried launching another project to keep that part of the team. The funding campaign failed, so I had to fire those artists.

It’s common for companies to work on two or more projects at once – in fact, it’s a wise thing to do. You can minimize risk and release games more often. I’m sorry you can’t see my perspective on this issue.


This post was 9 months ago… I don’t recall any neat surprises…


Wait, have you been receiving the Kickstarter updates? We did have plenty of them showing new content from the game (ie: the latest one with the 3D interactive books).


Can’t wait for the release!


Hi !

“Please, just a little more patience!” :sweat_smile: This was part of a post six month`s ago !

In 2 days is the first april 2017 so far, but how long should fans still be patient for an realease of Asylum in the near future ?
I think Asylum is becoming an endless story, like Blackenrock from Jonathan Boakes, and doesn`t see the light of a release ever.

This is my opinion but I like to teach me a better one, finally maybe with a new playable demo ?



We are definitely finishing the game and we’re working on the new demo (for backers only) as we speak :slight_smile:

I’m going to be posting more frequent updates here. Backers can access the lounge for the exclusive ones: https://talk.senscape.io/c/vault/backers-lounge


Any new interesting Dev- or even Release-Date updates since the trailer? You see, I am a very psychotic person and Hanwell has been recommended to me for treatment. Hope its doors open soon, I need my fix doctor - I NEED IT pant


We’ve had some updates since then but mostly working real hard. I’m currently at GDC showing off a pretty solid iPad port of the game which has been garnering GREAT feedback. I’ll follow up soon with more details. It’s truly looking up :slight_smile:


Ahhh I am really pumped to hear that. I am lousing with anticipation to get Asylum in hand.



Will Asylum be released in 2018 on Steam? If so do you guys on Senscape know which month and even better which date?

I have been looking forward for several years now to play your game when it is released so I hope the release day is close :blush::+1: