When oh when is Asylum coming out?


ahh…hi …wassup …?thnx for the fixed post…it’s been two months since last update …What’s the news about asylum …?is it in beta stage and maybe…ohh maybe ready for a … ohh well… a release dateeee ! :smiley: later this year ,you mean after summer heading to winter…? :o


Hi !

Is Asylum coming out one day ? or never ?

Many fans waiting for it but is it one day coming ? Mostly I heard, yes,yes,yes, but where is the really progress instead of a Demo over the years ?

Changed engine, closed studios and so on, I want to believe today that one day it is coming out but I think “Asylum” is an neverending story like " The Last Crown" of Mr. Boakes ?!

I hope I am wrong with my thoughts !

Greetings from germany


lewanni, Closed studios? What do you mean by that?

Yes, the game is coming. Better even, as a Kickstarter backer you can already download a very generous playable build of the game :slight_smile:

I know progress has been painfully slow but the game design of Asylum has remained intact since 2010. Put simply, it’s a very ambitious project that’s demanding a LOT of time and effort. As for progress, earlier this year we released the full explorable asylum for testing (which was a huge milestone) and a few weeks ago we finalized our character interaction system as explained here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/agustincordes/asylum-kickstart-the-horror/posts/1247071 (another very important milestone)

horrorgamesCrazy, we did release an update this month, though admittedly the website is overdue for a proper update. We’re focusing as much as we can on the game right now, but I definitely want to tidy things up here!


I suspect it is a reference to your mention of moving out of your office, slightly lost in translation.


[quote=“NoWayOut, post:84, topic:670”][quote author=Agustín link=topic=1924.msg13772#msg13772 date=1435341981]
lewanni, Closed studios? What do you mean by that?

I suspect it is a reference to your mention of moving out of your office, slightly lost in translation.[/quote]
Ah, that’s right. There’s nothing to worry about, put simply the renting skyrocketed and it was pointless to maintain the office. Way too expensive for its size and location. We’re all still working from home :slight_smile:


I haven’t been very active around here for a while… But any news on a final release? (Still waiting for my tee shirt, btw.) But no pressure… :stuck_out_tongue:


No news on final release (yet) but I’m working on a huge update and upcoming devlog that will be updated more often. Too much silence in here :slight_smile:

We haven’t sent any physical items yet. Ideally, you will receive the T-shirt along with the boxed version of the game!


^When will you release that big update?


I’m truly sorry about the slow month – August has been too busy and eventful for my taste :frowning:

This is the message I left on Kickstarter earlier today:

It's absolutely true. No excuses this time. I'm well behind the updates and going through busier times than usual. To be clear, Asylum is doing well and coming along nicely. When it comes to communication, I'm preparing a thorough schedule to avoid such uncomfortable silence. We have tons to say and show you, it's just that we need to organize ourselves better in that front (at least as we used to be).

Things coming down the road: detailed status update, profiles of all characters in the game, new gameplay video, second trailer, movie and game inspirations, disturbing stories from real asylum, post mortem (epic one), potential short stories based in the Asylum universe, and more. Interest in the game hasn’t declined one bit, but I want to rebuild the hype and take the social networks by storm. We’re going to start with all this soon – for really real soon (i.e.: we’re preparing our dedicated blog here, which will be updated very often: http://blog.senscape.net).

As always, remember that all Kickstarter backers can check out a preliminar version of the game. An update is also overdue but I want to surprise you with a solid release.

THANK YOU for your patience and I still love you too!

In short, I’m setting things up for an incoming streak of renewed activity with things to see and hear. Coming up next is a fully detailed and honest status update with screens, sounds, and possibly diagrams. I really want to update this ugly and dated forum software to encourage more activity here, but one thing at a time.

Sorry again, and you’ll be hearing from me real soon!


^Thanks for the answer, Agustín. I do have a suggestion: do not worry about the forum’s platform and design. It is fine as it is, and people spend 99% of their time in facebook anyway.


Yay, I’m so totally not a people (or peop, or whatever singular of that might be)! :stuck_out_tongue:

But Agustín, I think too that you overdo a bit with at least creating a own backer database system. Wouldn’t just BackerKit be an option?
I mean the only Kickstarter Project that I have backed doing this so far has been Kingdom Come Deliverance, and I would guess that Warhorse Studios has around 10 to 12 times a many developers as Senscape.


Sure, Facebook is the most popular one, but you’d be surprised by how many social networks are highly active and worth checking out for the promotion of a game. Of course there’s also Twitter, but Tumblr and Pinterest (in which I’m about to upload goodies such as concept art, inspirational pictures, fan art, etc) can be invaluable. Heck, even Soundcloud has been a solid debut for Senscape: https://soundcloud.com/senscape

Thing is, I think I’ve done a good job of keeping our Kickstarter backers informed, but everywhere else news have been slow with no compelling materials released in quite a while. Thankfully interest in Asylum remains as strong as ever (as evidenced by the sheer amount of likes we get anytime we show signs of life!) but I need to resume promotional efforts ASAP, especially as the release of the game draws closer. This is what I meant by a “streak of renewed activity”.

Also, the site does need a facelift: it maybe the first thing journalists see when searching for Asylum. Plus, you won’t believe how many fans have told me “hey, I visited your website and saw no news of Asylum!”. The Senscape homepage is quite dead and doesn’t feel in line with modern game sites.

That said, I’m looking to simplify the design as much as possible – first, to migrate the site as soon as possible, and second to make it easier to maintain. It’s not taking that much time and I’m like coding two lines per week or so :stuck_out_tongue:

Seriously, my focus remains on the game itself, but we need to do these sort of things when we’re indies. Of all these web activities, I admit this forum has the least priority. I’d love to see more people here, especially more backers discussing the alpha, and I suspect the dated and ugly software is the main culprit. Something as simple as sharing an image is a pain…

Anyway, you’ll be happy with the upcoming changes, I guarantee that – especially a little something I’m planning for the Asylum website (http://www.facethehorror.com)

Oh, I won’t be creating a dedicated backer database, certainly nothing like BackerKit, though I did look into that option. It seemed rather expensive, but I’ll give it a second thought :slight_smile:


Putting the finishing touches to a lengthy update that you should find very interesting (especially the developers among you). I’ll try to post it during this weekend!


Looking forward to it! :smiley:


I did it! I posted a megalithic Asylum update!! w00t :smiley:


Yep, found it!
Nice update, Agustin.


Good that you have posted this information here.

The bad news of Armikrog covered up this update for me! :mad:
Couldn’t they just postpone their release date a few minutes before release. :))


Nice update Agustin, lots of information!


yep …nice update …explains everything about the delay and the details of course of the game …
i agree artwork and programming need a lot of time and work… indeed…high quality graphics,too.
ty for the update Mr. Agustin


uhmm…hi …it’s almost middle of november…asylum will be released in 2015 or next year ? :frowning: