When oh when is Asylum coming out?


We are definitely finishing the game and we’re working on the new demo (for backers only) as we speak :slight_smile:

I’m going to be posting more frequent updates here. Backers can access the lounge for the exclusive ones: https://talk.senscape.io/c/vault/backers-lounge


Any new interesting Dev- or even Release-Date updates since the trailer? You see, I am a very psychotic person and Hanwell has been recommended to me for treatment. Hope its doors open soon, I need my fix doctor - I NEED IT pant


We’ve had some updates since then but mostly working real hard. I’m currently at GDC showing off a pretty solid iPad port of the game which has been garnering GREAT feedback. I’ll follow up soon with more details. It’s truly looking up :slight_smile:


Ahhh I am really pumped to hear that. I am lousing with anticipation to get Asylum in hand.



Will Asylum be released in 2018 on Steam? If so do you guys on Senscape know which month and even better which date?

I have been looking forward for several years now to play your game when it is released so I hope the release day is close :blush::+1:


Augustin FOUR years ago you said this "I swear by [insert your favorite Elder God here] that Asylum is coming out. We’re in alpha and making great progress, but don’t really want to give a date until we’re 100% sure it can be met. Please, just a little more patience!

Stay tuned for a neat surprise this month to (hopefully) appease the wait a little "

Now you finally say you have an Ipad port. AN IPAD PORT? AN IPAD PORT? WHERE IS THE PC VERSION THEN?

Honestly Augustin I don’t even know why I care at this point. Lie after lie after lie. You might say that they were changes etc. but 4 YEARS later after you said you had an ALPHA… and NOW you have a IPAD PORT.

So lets be honest here, you are making a game now for the mobile crowd because you can get more money there. However, you may just be lying. Who can tell at this point and honestly yet again I don’t even know why I care. SO many great games come out every DAY that this old Kickstarter backed sham is redundant.

All you have to do to prove me wrong here Augustin is RELEASE THE PC VERSION WE PAID FOR. Until then… well I am not holding my breath. I’ve been polite, I’ve been patient and now I am just pissed. An IPAD PORT!!! Seriously… shaking my head here.

Robert Smith


Wow Robert, that’s an incredibly misguided post. The PC version is right here, we’re working non-stop on it and you can see how we are setting up our Steam community to ensure a strong release: http://store.steampowered.com/app/230210/ASYLUM. We’re also discussing with GOG about doing a “Coming soon” page there as well.

The reason we invested some time on the iPad port was to present Asylum more easier and elegantly at GDC 18. My previous efforts with laptops have been uneven during game conferences with so much light and noise. And the decision paid off hugely well: the bright screen of the iPad Pro combined with the touch controls and powerful four speakers won over every publisher, fan and journalist who saw the game.

Do you know how much time we spent doing that port? Two weeks. Just two weeks. So feel free to stop shaking your head.

Furthermore, the iPad port is a commitment we must fulfill – please, check out our Kickstarter campaign to see how the iPad stretch goal was reached. That goal is essentially done now, but even so this port won’t be available during the initial release. This statement of yours:

“So lets be honest here, you are making a game now for the mobile crowd because you can get more money there.”

I can’t even begin to imagine what gave you that idea. I’m going to be honest here: there’s no money in premium mobile games. We’re still doing the port because a) we promised it and b) Asylum is a really nice fit for the iPad. But there’s no money here. That being said, multiplatform releases tend to be very successful, so we’re going to try and at least target PS4 along with PC. The way we designed and planned Asylum makes it nearly trivial to port the game to consoles and other devices – for the iPad, we only had to consider the finger as if it were the mouse cursor. For consoles, we’re already supporting gamepad control and Steam Link.

Migrating to Unreal Engine made this possible, another decision that paid off really well. People who have seen the game agree. As for backers, they’ll be able to try the first chunk of the game soon.

I know you’re pissed off, but you should really get your facts straight before you start throwing accusations and calling me a liar.


Robert, you have been spamming our Steam community with the same false accusations. This is your first and only warning: if you continue doing this, you will get banned from both forums. Not only you got this terribly wrong and completely ignored the fact that we promised the iPad port to our backers – now you’re also spamming our communities in a shameful behavior. I believe an apology is in order.


Couldn’t agree more. I know I said it before but honestly some people have really unrealistic expectations regarding game development. Now, I’m not a developer at all, but games taking years in development is nothing new. Particularly when putting out something of quality. Yes I am also disappointed at how long Asylum is taking but you only get one first impression and I would personally rather not see Senscape torpedoed by a shitty launch. And I don’t even have an interest in the company beyond them being a company that happens to be producing a game I think looks very awesome.

I guess I have a lot of empathy/sympathy/understanding because I really truly get the idea of wanting to produce something of a really high caliber and having it take much, much, much longer than you ever expected. Hell, not that long ago I used to put out 2 albums a year and now I’ve hit a 3 year gap and my backlog of unfinished songs just keeps piling up because the ideas just don’t feel right or something. Sometimes you have to scrap it and start over.

I guess that’s part of the reason why I don’t like crowdfunding/Early Access. As great as they can be for funding, it almost gives you too much of a glimpse into the process of game development. I mean, do you want to hear that half of the game you backed coughStar Citizencough basically had to be thrown out and rebuilt from the ground up?

We say we want transparency, but honestly, I think sometimes we are better off not knowing how the sausages are made, you dig? It kind of gives the audience a sense of entitlement. I’ve seen so many projects get backed only to wind up having people complain that the game is taking too long. Or better yet, make false equivalencies between studios. As though ALL studios operate the same way.

I partly blame the games industry. We’ve gone years with a lot of obfuscation in the games industry and it’s only in the past 5 years or so that we are getting to see how things REALLY work behind the curtain. Like I said in my post above, people literally have ZERO concept of how long a game takes to make. All they see are yearly sequels of AAA games. So I mean, if Ubisoft can produce Ass Creed every year for 11 years straight (fucking seriously???), why can’t an indie game studio do the same thing?

Or better yet, with Star Citizen in particular, people keep crowing about how much money Star Citizen’s raised and blah blah blah why isn’t the game out yet? As though MONEY is the only factor in how fast or slow a game takes to make. Admittedly, SC has its own problems that I don’t have time to go into. But that is one of the criticisms that annoys me about any game.

I guess that’s why I like the postmortems the GDC does. Because you watch them and you realize “holy shit. It’s almost like nobody knows anything in the video games industry.” Because video games are a creative medium. You almost have to throw your expectations out the window with every new project you hear about. Estimations are great, but holy shit do they give people false expectations.

As does crowdfunding. Because you see that “expected” delivery date and you think “okay my game will be ready on that day.” But then the game doesn’t come out that day and suddenly the people who backed it think they have a right to treat the devs like shit because their game isn’t ready the second it said it would be on Kickstarter. To be fair, I guess I can understand being upset. But at the end of the day, these are GAMES. They are made FOR YOUR ENJOYMENT. Like, holy shit. Unless you are out $10,000 or something like that, these people gotta pump the brakes a little and get some perspective.

Sorry. I can’t believe I wrote all that. I think I gotta get out of the house.

My friend, porting a game is not the most difficult thing in the world. Particularly when as Augustin said, it’s clearly a good fit for mobiles. If you’d been paying attention to how this game has presented its interface, you would understand that. To me, it looks like a game that can very easily replicate mouse movements.

To me, it - much like most adventure games - really would do well on the mobile platforms. This is not to say that I get the indication that it’s a “mobile” game. Far from it. I also own the Android port of Baldur’s Gate 2. Does that make it a mobile game for filthy casuals? Absolutely not.

Mobile ports, unless they require significant reworking, really don’t typically take a long time to put out there.

Dude, games can be in alpha for a long time. Game development is an art, not a science. There are so many reasons why a game could be taking a long time, that it isn’t even worth it to go into. Konjak’s Iconoclasts has had a full cycle of 8 years. Owlboy took 9 years to get released. Axiom Verge took 5 years to come out. Stardew Valley took 5 years to come out. Hyper Light Drifter - a game that earned 23 times what it asked for on its Kickstarter campaign - was still delayed by 2 years.

I literally don’t know what to tell you other than that. Even huge studios can still manage to wind up delaying games for years. Diablo 3 took 11 years to come out. And I don’t think we need to talk about Duke Nukem Forever’s 15 year cycle.

Basically what I’m getting at is that games really can take a long time to make.

Again, as Augustin said, premium mobile games simply do not make money. The money on mobiles is in ads and microtransactions. Asylum is clearly not a game targeted at whales - which is where you want to be if you are interested in making money. I mean, unless you’re suggesting that Senscape start implementing lootboxes which would actually be really funny if you want to know how I personally feel about it.

I understand your frustration. But like I said before, just chill out, man. At the end of the day, it’s just a game.


That post probably makes me sound like a kiss ass but oh well


Sorry, I missed your post with the controversy that ensued. We don’t know the exact month but the release date is truly getting closer. As soon as we can, we’re going to announce it.


Augustin, do not pay attention to the haters (specifically Robert is not hater,
rather, even on the contrary, just not very patient and not polite enough)

And in light of the news about the iPad version (yes, I know that $500 was not enough for this stretch goal and that the development of several ios devices and a huge zoo android devices is far from the same thing), but will there be an android version?
(I played with great pleasure in The Room series on my Xiaomi Mi Pad and I think that it would be delightful to play on it in The Asylum too)


We did a quick test on Android and it’s certainly doable. In theory, all we have to do is package the build and upload to the Android store, but it’s always easier said than done. There’s also QA, preparing store assets, etc. But we’re going to do it, yes. As I said before, mobile ports will happen after the initial launch on PC and consoles.


OK Augustin, I can understand how being called a liar can make someone a bit upset. I can even understand wanting an apology. But do you really think anyone buys into the “there is no money in mobile games” statement when mobile gaming represents 42% of ALL gaming revenue? So, I guess that 46 Billion dollars spent last year on mobile gaming alone (yes 46 Billion US) was just a lark.

And do we really want to reference the Kickstarter at this point? After how many years Augustine? You say the PC version is complete… so why haven’t we got it yet? If it is done and you are waiting to have all the other ports done at the same time (which is what I THINK you are doing since thats kinda what you imply you are doing) then it is nothing more than a slap in the face of every backer who has been around these last eight years or so.

People here say that I am not patient… dude anyone who is still here after all this time is incredibly patient and I dont see how that can be denied. My daughter was in middle school when this started and she is now starting college. Patience… ha. People say I am a hater (though thanks Incognito for the clarification) I CERTAINLY do not hate you or your work. Nope you are a real artist man. What I despise is this process where you say one thing and then perhaps through no fault of your own end up doing something else. Again and again that has happened and I could deal. But here you are stating that the game is done for the PC essentially (kinda gotta be to be doing ports of it as well I suppose) and yet none of the backers have it in hand. After all this time you are delaying to release it on multiple consoles… yeah that has got my dander up.

Then you say I am spamming… I think I posted twice here and then twice on STEAM… and I bet it was the STEAM posts that really annoyed you. In any case ban me if you wish dude. I simply do not care. I backed and supported this effort and even have repeatedly offered up more money if necessary. Yet you say you are porting the game over but even if it was a goal… meh… that does not mean you get to keep waiting while you port it to OTHER platforms. You want an apology for calling you a liar… fair enough. That was out of line i’ll admit. I don’t really think you have directly lied to us Augustin. So I should not have said that… and for that I do apologise and I will post the same apology anywhere you wish. Without all of this extra stuff just the apology anywhere you wish. I was wrong in saying that. Period.

But you gotta see how the whole thing comes off as… dude. The choices that have been made in the production of this game have left a lot to be desired. I support and back many many games. I have over $10K US in a single game. I understand long development cycles but the choices here… well. I have said my piece. I will post an apology for calling you a liar anywhere you desire just tell me.I will not retract anything else because I honestly feel that a choice has been made to delay the PC release for monetary reasons. I understand the choice and I still disagree with it. I wish you nothing but the best Augustin but I will NEVER back another effort by you or Senscape. Games like Astroneer, 7 Days to Die, Subnautica etc. have all managed to go through this process with little to no issue and it is reasonable to expect more from game developers today. I will admit to not being very polite as well… but I never claimed I am. Again I do wish you and all the backers nothing but the best of luck. I will no longer post here even if you do not ban me. At this point I am so disgusted with this that I simply do not care. No money in mobile games… lol.

Robert Smith


Scratches had such a great intimate vibe that has made an occasional bootup worthwhile that i got excited about the open sourced Scream engine. That was ages ago and ive rather stopped following Asylum developement cause slows down time.
But i spooled up Scratches on my new OLED tv and wow does it look good, despite the ‘primitive’ graphics.
Since I thought the Asylum intro did such a great job conveying that same quality of vibe and playability i expect to really savor this game and ONLY on my new tv. should look pretty awesome in 4K too.
i do think perhaps the project escalated much beyond the expected timeframe and it has been a LONG wait, even by indie game standards methinks. there was that long period of lost time wrestling with getting an engine going that was up to the task.
The only other developer in a similar class to Senscspe is Darkling Room and Boakes’ Crown game has been WIP for about as long as Asylums. And game engine graphics are getting so good nowadays that you have to go the extra mile to take advantage of the superior advantages of off-line rendering. All with a few developers. Thats a whopping big job!


It’s not that there isn’t money in mobile games but not the kind of money you are thinking of. For all intents and purposes, mobile games like Asylum DO NOT make significant funds on mobiles. Traditional experiences with traditional payment models are not making the majority of that money mobiles are making. In fact I would be surprised if more than 1-3% of games were generating the 46 billion dollar quote you cited. But it is a well known fact that the monetization models are what’s the cause of that figure you are posting.

You would be correct in your assessment of Asylum becoming profitable on mobiles if it were a free-to-play game with microtransactions. It is not. And while I personally would buy it on the Android marketplace myself, I cannot personally see Asylum pushing all that many units with a traditional business model. This is - from what I understand - a horror adventure game. Certainly there is a market out there - and I would love to see Asylum do a million units on iOS but that is simply not likely to happen.

You need to understand the economics of the mobile marketplace before you make any assessments and it is clear that you do not. It may be a 46 billion dollar industry but those profits are not shared equally. MMOs may be a multi billion dollar industry as well, but you would be fooling yourself if you didn’t consider for a moment that the majority of those dollars were being pulled in by GTA Online and World of Warcraft.

Certainly there are mobile games that do ask for premium pricing - but are also punished for doing so. In fact, the closest thing to Asylum on the Android marketplace based on genres currently is Simulacra which asks for a hefty $5.99 (Canadian) and is currently sitting at…10,000 downloads.

And you might think that’s crazy. Because a game like that asking for 6 bucks on Steam for a glorious experience is peanuts. But the fact of the matter is that Simulacra is an outlier in that they are charging money. Most games on the mobile marketplaces are seen as disposable and as such have to incentivize people just to download them, simply because there is so much free stuff on there. You essentially have to prove your product is worth spending money on.

It doesn’t help that the market is beyond oversaturated that it makes finding much worthwhile on there very difficult. Just imagine the problems Steam is having with asset flippers and multiply that by about 1000%. It helps you stand out if your game is good but it’s also possible that it could take people YEARS to find your game on there, let alone purchase it. And that’s even having a quality product. Hell, Distraint’s free version has 1 millon downloads, a staggering 4.9 rating and generally positive word of mouth, but its premium version? Uhhh, zero downloads.

And this is in an industry where gamers absolutely LOOOOOVE to repurchase their favourites. But I guess it’s not good enough to warrant spending money on even. True, the App Store does tend to do better when it comes to premium priced products but both marketplaces still face very similar hurdles for someone looking to sell something on the platform.


@sixthscents, please note I said “there’s no money in premium mobile games”. If you don’t believe me, a cursory search on Google will prove my statement is correct. Feel free to ask prominent indie devs as well. I’m sure next you’ll say “but Monument Valley…”, yes, but Monument Valley is an exception between thousands of premium games.

You also keep saying that we intentionally delayed the PC version to work on the iPad port when I repeated, over and over again, that we took a few days just to compile the game and get it running for GDC, a process which also included many fixes for the PC version. If you don’t believe me, I can post our Perforce commits.

Worse even, according to you the “game is done for the PC essentially” and we are “delaying to release it on multiple consoles”, which is utterly false. I have never said the PC version was essentially done. Do you seriously believe I would put a finished version of Asylum in the freezer after 10 years of work?

I propose you read my post, word by word, and then read what you said, word by word. You are intent on misquoting me and spreading lies, so feel free to believe whatever you want – it’s clearly pointless arguing with you.


First of all I would like to assure everyone that I am not one of the so called “haters” and that I have no intention of starting quarrels with anyone in this beautiful community. This is just a personal thought regarding a person and a group who kindly asked for money to complete a project.
The Apollo program accomplished landing the first humans on the Moon from 1969 to 1972. Apollo ran from 1961 to 1972, with the first manned flight in 1968 (approx. 7 years from scratch to the first manned flight). September 2010 – mid July 2018 (approx. 7 years, 10 months) Senscape team leaded by Mr. Cordes was not able to complete and release a PC game. This would not have been a problem if Mr. Cordes had not continuously lied to his bakers with phrases such: “Right now we’re looking to complete the game by mid-2011” SEP ’10, “I swear that Asylum is coming out. We’re in alpha.” JAN ’14, “we are definitely finishing the game and we’re working on the new demo.” MAR ’17…and so on…and on…and on. Not to mention the countless “hard working” statements…94 months of real hard work would have led to many greater other goals. What annoys me is the fact that Mr. cordes boldly lies to his community without any care about. Each job involves a deadline to be respected and Mr. Cordes do nothing but move the deadline a little ahead from month to month, year to year. Who knows how the fundraisers will go for the future projects of Mr. Cordes, I hope well.
This is my first and last post on this forum. I hope that you finally get to a turning point…soon (and this time soon should mean soon) because the situation has become ridiculous.
Best regards to all this community


You’re quoting me posting estimates and specifically saying “we don’t want to give a release date until we’re sure it can be met” and still you’re calling me a liar?

Also, did you just compare our indie dev team to a human spaceflight program carried out by the NASA with a 25 billion budget?

Best regards.


Please, read this: Before you ask about ASYLUM

And this: IMPORTANT: Discord is overshadowing this forum. Should we close it?