What will come first: Asylum or The Case of Charles Dexter Ward

Just wondering which game will come out first: Asylum or The Case of Charles Dexter Ward. Have a good day everyone! :slight_smile:

Whichever does come first, I will be there to pick it apart to its very core! :o

Think first will be Asylum. :nod:

Asylum will be first according to the new Case of Charles Dexter Ward update.

According to Agustín, Asylum is practically is alpha stage already, and I think Dexter Ward has only now entering development. I think it is pretty safe to say Asylum is being released first.

I’m filled with an unmeasurable feeling of the immortal dread of the ages foretold within the cyclopean ruins of the eldritch horrors of times past; the unnameable things that haunt far reaching crypts and dilapidated sepulchres of time immemorial. The blasphemous pages of the Al-Azif do not offer any solace at my impending addiction to unearth the otherworldly magicks contained within The Case of Charles Dexter Ward!

Hey folks! Indeed, Asylum is definitely coming first :nod: