What about Oculus Rift?

Did the final support (Kickstarter + Paypal) allow for the inclusion of Oculus Rift support?

This is important to me as I intend to get the consumer version of Oculus Rift and I don’t want to start playing Asylum without it and then start all over again when I get my OR.

I want the fully immersive experience to contain every surprise. Who needs sleep, anyway?

So, is Oculus Rift in or out?


Yes, we’re going to support Oculus. Thing is, I can’t confirm yet if Asylum will support it from day zero, but we’re definitely going to try and make it happen soon.

It’s going to be terrifying as hell. We think that Asylum is an ideal game for Oculus :nod:

Supporting Oculus Rift (‘OR’) sounds like bringing these types of games to the next level!
When I think OR I think immersion though: head-tracking, stereo vision. The tracking I suppose is built in to OR (replaces the mouse look) but I can’t imagine standing in my room and turning around to look behind me. (on the other hand…)
The only thing I can see OR bringing to game is stereo vision, which means double renders for every view and twice the required graphics performance. Not likely. But it would be MONDO cool!

I just bought a Google Cardboard to tryout and it works surprisingly well. (on my Note 2, even better on my new Note 4 with four times the pixels and faster processor.)
The Ergonomics of the basic Cardboard model are horrible but there are better-designed plastic versions out there for $20! Bluetooth the phone to a game controller and you are set! (Which is only another $30)

Since Asylum is supposed to be released for tablets (Android?) then modifying the viewer for dual-vision should be easy. Asylum doesn’t even need to know about the head-tracking!

Maybe it can come later as a special release, but head-tracked stereo vision Asylum would be just plain righteous! Non-stereo may actually be more comfortable because 2D operations on Asylum’s imagery may not translate to stereo-depth at all.

(details: for practical gameplay you would probably only do local looking. To look behind you would require spinning the view with a control because frankly, I am not likely to want to sit in my chair and spin around in every direction just to see! But the fixed-position nature of pre-rendered pano point-n-clicks is a perfect match to todays VR because both allow you to physically look around, in stereo, but not physically slide away from the viewpoint)