We're opening up the Senscape Team on Slack!


Continuing the discussion from Discord/Slack Suggestion for the Senscape Team:

There’s been some interest about this, so we’re making the move. We use Slack + Trello on a daily basis to keep up with the development of Asylum. Some forum members have expressed interest in joining to boost activity in our community and keep in touch. At the same time, development of the Dagon engine has been progressing at a huge pace thanks to key contributor @bd339.

So, the plan is to gradually open up the team while we tide things up and reorganize our channels. First I’m inviting to join developers who have worked on Dagon or are producing games with the engine. There’s a lot to discuss as big changes are coming! @Imari, @civanT, @shadowphile, @Saturnine, @Redz101…?

Next, I’m going to invite Kickstarter backers to join, especially with the new Asylum demo around the corner. Slack should be particularly useful for bug reporting and quick questions.

The plan is to make the team 100% public by the end of the year. If you would like to join, please let us know in this post and we will send the invites over time!

Help needed in dagon engine

@Nyfo, @wot, I did consider Discord, but somehow I don’t feel it’s the right solution for us. The app is geared towards streamers and gamers, not so much team communication which is what we do most at Senscape. Besides, only really big communities seem to take some advantage from Discord.

Hope you’re still interested to join us at Slack :slight_smile:


I’m excited about this!


Seconded. It’s like a modern version of Mozilla’s IRC channels which I frequent a lot. In fact I hope it will be like that: a friendly place to talk to developers and all of the other community members that stop by. Needless to say, I will be ubiquitous in the dagon channel :slight_smile:


Of course I’m interested :slight_smile:

I didn’t know about Slack when I made the suggestion. So if that suits your goal better, then Slack is clearly the better platform.


This is going to be tons of fun! Very excited!


Thanks folks, the Slack group is already getting quite busy, so expect more invites soon!


Is this the same Slack group as before or was that something specific to Serena/other projects at the time? :thinking: I ended up removing it because it was pretty much dead. But would be great to chat with an active set of folks :slight_smile:

On the Discord front I agree, it’s a fantastic solution for gamers to stay in touch, but Slack and its integrations are just awesome. At work, we have ours hooked up to GitHub, social networks, etc as well as our own bot to grab data and run common tasks. As long as the memory levels stay sane :grimacing:


This is something new, @LeonardChallis. It’s our “official” Senscape group :slight_smile:

I’ll send more invites soon!


This is a good idea!