Welcome to Hanwell


So I just saw a game called Welcome to Hanwell; Agustin did you have anything to do with it?


August, you need to deal with this.


It really doesn’t have anything to do with Asylum. It’s just a coincidence in its name. The game doesn’t even take place in a mental institute!

It’s become clear, though, that we need to get rid of the “psychological horror adventure” tagline. It’s overused and tired. Our new Steam page will be up soon with brand new artwork and screenshots :slight_smile:


I think using the name “Hanwell” can’t be coincidence. I know when I first saw it, I got confused.


Well, we don’t own the rights to the Hanwell name, so there’s not much we can do. I’m actually surprised we got away with a virtual monopoly of the Asylum brand in video games for years.

I look at cases like this the other way around: if some game reminds you of Asylum, it means we’re doing a good job :slight_smile:


Cool. Makes sense. If you aren’t concerned, then I guess I can’t be either.


After rereading this thread it seems you can be sure of one thing Agustin; you have a lot of people that will raise a torch and pitchfork for you and Senscape. :crazy_face:


True that, @Sean_C. I’m always super grateful for the incredible support we’ve been receiving from our lovely community over the years :slight_smile: