We are on Greenlight!


EDIT: Seclusion is already greenlit, thanks a lot for spreading the word and voting!

It’s time make another move forward! Seclusion: Islesbury is now on Steam Greenlight and waiting for your support. If you want to see it on Steam (or on any other place for that matter) please vote for us and share the news.

Also, we have two brand new trailers for you to enjoy!

Here is the gameplay trailer:

And here is the story teaser:

Hope you like them!


The game looks great. I’m wondering, how long before you release it?


Thanks Remnant. There isn’t a set release date yet, but the game is almost ready and will be released in 2017.


Upvoted! Best of luck! :slight_smile:


I’m happy to announce that Seclusion: Islesbury is greenlit. Thanks a lot for helping!


Awesome, Civan! Congratulations, looking forward to the final release :slight_smile:


Looking fantastic. I’ll definitely pick up a copy


How long preproduction takes? I’m very glad to see your old school game, in fact around many years only “Hidden: On the trail of the Ancients” was game like that. (And for more than two years, developers have not released the second part)

So I can’t wait! There is some kind of approximate release date?
Are you planning to add some translates? (Russian for example… ^^)
How big is your team?
How long is averate time of game?

Thanks you! (And sorry for my English)


Can’t wait for this game. Been dying for something new, mysterious, and haunting. Muuuhhaawwwww.
Sorry got carried away.:blush:


Thank you Inkognitoo and Lady_Shine for the support! I think you’ll love this game if mystery and dark stories are your thing.

Inkognitoo, production takes a looong time. Seclusion has been in development for more than a few years now. I’ve been working on it mostly myself but had many people help me along the way.

The game length is not set in stone yet, but I expect it to be about 8+ hours on average and a lot longer if you like exploring (or get stuck easily).

There is no release date yet, but it’s not far away. It’s safe to say it’ll be out in 2017. It will be released with only English support at launch, but soon after the game will be localized into more languages. German, Russian, and Chinese are the first few candidates I’m considering.



Thank you for answers civanT!
If you need any help with translate into Russian, please let me know. I’m a native speaker (Lovecraft’s fan also) and I really want to help you.