Various releases of Scratches DC?


Hey, everyone.

I was curious about something and needed some clarification, if anyone’s up to it, of course (I was thinking of asking Agustin directly but I’ve been bugging him enough these days :smiley:). Does anyone know just how many different North American releases of Scratches Director’s Cut there have been? I know the initial release featured one single CD-ROM, but due to errors an additional free update was hosted on for a while. At that time, I think there were plans of releasing a 2-CD edition with the fix, but I never knew it came to be until a few minutes ago when I spotted an interesting eBay item that featured precisely that — a seemingly identical jewel case of SDC as the original release, featuring 2 CDs instead of one. So I’m thinking this thing was implemented after all then?

And… there’s also a DVD edition, apparently, that I just ordered out of curiosity. Any ideas as to where that came from? :stuck_out_tongue:



Honestly, I didn’t even know that there were various releases. I bought mine as part of a fear package with Rhiannon and Scratches. I guess all of the patches were already loaded onto the disc that I have.


Let’s see, it would be something like this:

  • Original “plain” 2006 release
  • Director’s Cut in 2007 with additional disc including graphics update
  • Later, I think in 2008, a DVD edition with update pre-installed
  • Recently, a re-release in DVD including a few bug fixes but majorly the 2008 edition

There could be different releases done by publishers, I’m probably not aware of them all/


What about the original Director’s Cut from 2007 with no additional CD? :smiley:


I’m not sure how many of those were released, but it definitely wasn’t the plan.


Okay… Just got the DVD edition today by mail. Pretty sure it’s the 2008 one you mentioned. It seems nice and compact, compared to its predecessors, but to be honest, Got Game might’ve gone a bit overboard with all their blatant advertising… :frowning: