Upcoming changes to this forum and our site! Mucho importante!


It’s no secret that our website is long overdue for a proper update. Something’s not right when your Facebook and Twitter is updated more often than your own site. To make things short, our web has become difficult to maintain, especially the bloated and (by now) ancient Simple Machines Forum.

Luckily, we have settled on a more feasible and much nicer solution: when it comes to the forum, I’m working when I can on a migration to Discourse (www.discourse.org). I can’t praise enough this project and the team behind it – once you begin using Discourse, you quickly realize how prehistoric the old paradigm feels like. I must warn you, though, that the initial moments in the new forum might feel strange. This is how Discourse is meant to look: meta.discourse.org

Most importantly, we won’t be able to export your private messages. When the new forum goes live, I’ll send a mass message with a timeframe to allow you to export your private messages. Sorry about that, the importer script from SMF2 to Discourse does not support this feature and I don’t have the luxury to contribute to the script.

Importing polls isn’t supported either, but we don’t have that many. These minor issues aside, I bet you’re going to fall in love with the new forum, how easy it is to discuss, share files, and just stay in touch. It almost feels like a mini-social network :nod:

Moving on to the main site, I’m going to ditch Wordpress in favor of simpler, more modern pages: just one home and then one per each game. The new blog which I’ve been promising, though, will be implemented on Tumblr, which is much, much easier to maintain and looks terrific. We’re doing a few tests already.

For now, please take note of the new URLs:

Forum: talk.senscape.io
Blog: blog.senscape.net

And let me know if you have any questions!