Unity-based Dagon available?


Wow, been a long time since anybody posted here.
I haven’t been here in a long time but today I started thinking again about ‘engining-up’ my panoramic renders (which look so cool in my Gear VR btw!).

Was Unity-based Dagon (‘Unigon’ :slight_smile: ever released?


The forums have been active enough, except the Dagon category. Shame, because we’ve been doing a lot of work on the engine :confused:

But no, “Dagonity” was never released. There was an old version on Github but by no means usable. We may be releasing Dagon For UE4 later this year, and that is definitely robust and production ready. Also, the standalone C++ edition is mostly ready for prime time as well, supporting saves and more: https://github.com/senscape/dagon


I always forget that people are not aware of the improvements Ben made for the Dagon++. Most of our discussions were had on Dagon Slack channel.

If I had some time I’d love to make a changelog on the wiki. Maybe after the release of Seclusion.

Some of many improvements are: Save/Load system, Mouse-OnHover actions, Custom Cursors, Preload system, improved Windows XP support, more custom Hotkeys, improved Audio code, custom cursors on Overlays, and many many quality of life improvements and bug fixes.

Check it out if you want to see how nice it is for yourself.