Trouble with Ubuntu version of the trailer

Hello there,
I tried to download the ubuntu version of the trailer but I couldn’t make it run.
Launching the dagon file, I get the following error message:

./dagon: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

Is there any dependencies to run the game? I searched libGLEW but it looks like a library that should be compiled with the game, isn’t it?

Anyway, I’m going to try the windows version. Just wanted to mention this since I found it cool that it would be available on Linux :slight_smile:

The Linux version definitely needs some work. I tried this with the latest version and it worked “out of the box”. However, it could be that previous versions are lacking a few libraries. And of course the package should be a proper RPM/DEB, not a ZIP.

If you do “sudo apt-get install libGLEW” or “sudo apt-get install GLEW” (can’t remember now) that should be enough :slight_smile:

Hello Agustín,
Ok, found the library. For those who might search for it, it is :

sudo apt-get install libGLEW1.6

I am running Oneiric (Ubuntu 11.10).
The laptop I was testing with at first is not exactly powerful, so it may really explain some of the issues. Though, you might want to know that the game didn’t behave properly even with the GLEW library.
It was slow but in a weird way, some things were not (like the diary sliding in the screen), some were awfully slow (showing Asylum title). Title and texts (music by/text by/etc… and first comment of the narrator) appears all at once. The room doesn’t show, though, just a rectangle showing a lamp (I think it might be because it’s a video?). Nervertheless I can move and the game is responding. There is just no graphics, but big black screen with some white dots.
I would have liked to take a screenshot but it wouldn’t take any with F1 or with Ubuntu printscreen.

Once again, it might be caused by the computer being not too powerful. It can play light games (I played the point&click Resonance on it) but I never tried a big 3D game.

Hope this is useful :slight_smile:

Is it a Intel video chip by any chance?

I have the exact same problem as Clyssandre. But those librarys are up to date on my Ubuntu 12.04 :frowning:

Let him know the system spec/video card, video cards need up to date drivers, is it possible to turn on the log in the public teaser Agustin?

I also got the message about the missing library; in my case it turned out to be because my system is 64-bit, but the game needs the 32-bit versions of several libraries (only the 64-bit versions of which are installed by default). The packages needed are:

libglew1.6 (i386)
liblua5.1-0 (i386)
libogg0 (i386)
libvorbisfile3 (i386)
libtheora0 (i386)

I run kubuntu, and installed these through Muon; I’d imagine Synaptic would work just as well. Alternatively, from the command line:

sudo apt-get install libglew1.6:i386 liblua5.1-0:i386 libogg0:i386 libvorbisfile3:i386 libtheora0:i386

This is probably a kubuntu/KDE only problem, but to get sound I also needed to install libasound2-plugins:i386 (and possibly libasound2:i386, but that one was already installed for me).

If the game is running slowly, open up Dagon.cfg (in the same directory as the main dagon executable) in your favourite text editor, find the line “effects = true” and change it to “effects = false”. This disables some of the visual effects and made the game run smoothly for me.

One problem I do still have, though, is the spoken dialogue: it cuts off after a couple of words of each line. (The music plays fine, however.) Does anyone know what the problem could be, or what I could do to track it down?

(I’m running kubuntu precise – 12.04 – on an AMD A8-3850 using integrated sound and graphics; further details available on request.)

Edit: thanks to a Fedora RPM posted in another thread, the dialogue issue can be corrected by adjusting the audio buffer in Dagon.cfg. Just add the following two lines:

– Audio buffer to fix sound problems
audioBuffer = 16384

The game now plays perfectly for me. :slight_smile:

Hey guys! I’ll try look into these issues as soon as I can. We never experienced any of these issues in the (admittedly few) Linux installs we tried.

Please, be patient! :slight_smile:

Hi Agustín,

I just played the teaser on my Debian (unstable, not Ubuntu) system. As was predictable, I too had to install some libraries (for example the teaser is especially linked against, I had to create a link from 1.6 to my 1.7).
But I think the biggest obstacle for most users of 64-bit systems are and will be missing 32-bit-libraries. If in any way possible it would be great to offer binaries for both systems later.

The teaser itself is really great. Besides missing libraries, the only problem I experienced were not working function keys to change gamma, camera speed, etc. Everything else worked nice and I did not need to change something in Dagon.cfg.
I especially like the visual dust and grain which makes the area seem more real and gloomy. The navigation with the mouse and its behavior to accelerate the movement in my opinion is basically very good, but the acceleration is much too slow and it takes too long to turn around. If you know where you want to go or look, quick changing of the direction is not possible. Maybe it is better if the acceleration does not decrease at once if you move the cursor to the center again, but would slowly decrease then? In the end I think a slider in the preferences would be perfect, so everyone can tweak the settings to his/her needs.
The alternate camera mode where the cursor stays in the center may be good, too, but personally I think I would prefer the first mode more.

Not much to say about story, puzzles for now, but it has really great potential! I am looking forward to explore more of Hanwell, read all the notes, investigate the eerie photos (I liked the one with the half-visible standing man in the background) and will be happy to give more feedback.

And pleasepleaseplease do not drop the linux version! I understand it is not possible to cover all distros and system configurations, but aiming at a common system (like ubuntu) will be sufficient I think. If I can be of help with testing just let me know.


Hi zak! Thank you so much, this has been really helpful! No, we’re NEVER going to drop the Linux version, as much hassle as it takes. We’re still looking into supporting the most popular distros, such as Debian, but Ubuntu for sure.

Come think of it, we don’t have any testers with Debian, so I’ll definitely follow up on your offer :wink:

Hey wait! I want to help testing too, then! O_o

OK, sounds good! Everyone who wants to test for Linux, stay tuned! :nod:

Sorry, I missed this.

Your Ubuntu is the 64-bit version? You must install the 32-bit version of the aforementioned libraries. This has worked for other users :slight_smile:

Just downloaded the trailer. I’m running Kubuntu 12.10 64-Bit and had to grab libglew1.6 (i386) from due to libglewl being updated to 1.8 now. There’s no conflict in installing both versions and the other four libraries are in the repositories at the correct versions.

I noticed the following problems right away

Main thing is the function keys seem to do nothing. Ctrl-F does not toggle between full screen and windowed mode. I actually had to exit the game and find the line in the .cfg file to go into windowed mode. I have duel screens, and if it weren’t for the bezels between them, it would be nice, but I don’t like the break in there.

Narration cuts off after a second or so each time. Every time I click on something it has something to talk about it starts talking gets a word or three out and stops. talking.

I understand this is a pre-release trailer, so the function keys may not be working yet, but the sound problem seems to be an actual bug. Also worth noting that libglew1.6 is included with the Steam client, so that may be a non-issue as well on reliese date. Steam does do a good job of keeping up with required library versions.

Good job so far. Looking forward to more.

Ah, great! Thanks for the heads up. Yes, the Linux port still needs work. We’re aware of these problems, and someone has already contributed with a fix for fullscreen toggling (although it hasn’t been merged).

As for the audio, try this: add audioBuffer = 16384 to Dagon.cfg.

Another temporary work around for the libGLEW1.6 vs. libGLEW1.8 issue in Ubuntu 12.10 is to make a symbolic link. Example:

That did the trick Agustin.

[quote="“buckminster”"]Another temporary work around for the libGLEW1.6 vs. libGLEW1.8 issue in Ubuntu 12.10 is to make a symbolic link. Example:

I’ve been bitten a few times trying this route, so I try to find the correct libraries if I can. Quite often, features and/or calls get switched around and or removed between even minor version changes. I don’t agree with this, I think all minor updates to libraries should be backwards compatible saving changes to the api for major versions. I"ll cross link like this only as a last resort.

thnks lnxusr for the launchpad idea i tried the libglew-1.6-amd64 deb (thats my prosesor) but it didnt work so i used the i386 version and ran the game and it stoped complianing about libglew but the started complaing about liblua5.1! i looked on launch pad and couldn’t find the package. idk where to find the package!