Hi, do we have any updates about the current state of Asylum…? :o
and do you know if there will be a pre-order pack of the game with additional stuff in it like dlc’s or extras…?


[quote=“horrorgamesCrazy, post:21, topic:820”]Hi, do we have any updates about the current state of Asylum…? :o
and do you know if there will be a pre-order pack of the game with additional stuff in it like dlc’s or extras…?[/quote]
We’ve been keeping it quiet for a while but I’m planning a livestream to show new gameplay from the game. It’s looking seriously good, and while we don’t have a solid release date in sight, every day brings us closer to the finishing line :nod:

There might be a short pre-order period with a discounted price, but no planned additional stuff (at least for now!).


How’s everything holding up? The team hasn’t sacrificed you to Dagon yet, have they?


We are OK and nothing has exploded. I dropped a few hints on Kickstarter about what’s coming next – in short, I’m getting ready to do a comprehensive livestream with new gameplay from Asylum, shocking news (as always) and a discussion of its potential release date. Of course I’m also planning to answer many of your questions :slight_smile:

I’m going to announce the date for the livestream real soon. In the meantime, those of you on Trello can check out the latest progress and stuff we’re working on.

More coming soon, stay tuned!


Please bring this game to GOG.com! It would be great :smiley:


Asylum IS coming to GOG :smiley:


OMG that’s great! I can’t wait to play it on my Mac! 8)


I finally watched the Asylum intro movie recently and later watched it again.
It delivers a GREAT mood, very cinematic and portentous, like I’m just about to watch exactly the kind of slow-burn horror movie I like. No rush to scare you, yet. That’s why I like the point and clicks, I can take my time and soak up the atmosphere.

BTW, I posted on the off-topic forum my list that differentiates spooky, horror, creepy, etc. Go look and discuss.


hi there, in the new forum…
something else, important too is the free look and the camera…
Will we be able to look around in asylum using our mouse or Keyboard w,s,a,d keys …we need a lot of options here …right ?
I mean , a fast turning of our head(camera) left ,right ,upwards ,etc… would be more realistic …than turning it slowly like we did in scratches…it was like a robot turning its head …you know what i mean … xD


Ah yes, certainly. The camera control is much faster and realistic in Asylum. In fact, you directly control the camera, as opposed to the old “pushing the view” approach in Scratches.


Will there still be an option to have the old “push and pull” control system in Asylum?


Unlikely. That control system was never popular and wouldn’t work well with the new interface in Asylum, which is far more comfortable and friendlier. You should like it :slight_smile:


Augustin… for, well years we have waited and been fairly cordial and patient. You stated this year that Asylum, Adamantus and another game (I cannot help thinking perhaps making one game at a time would have made it a faster process…) would be released. In any case… it is now August. We are rolling into the last quarter soon. I can in all honesty say that I will never back another project by you or Senscape. That might be a bit harsh, but after all these years I think it is a reasonable response.

I am not alone in this feeling, as I have seen other posts stating much the same. I think it is a reasonable request that you finally put out some sort of release date. If you want any hope of ever selling me, (or others like me… again of which there seem to be several) another game i.e. Adamantus etc. this is not too much to ask. I don’t care if it’s a Steam early release… I don’t care that 2015 “was a terrible year to release adventure games”… at this point I just want something to prove that I didn’t waste my money, all those years ago.

Again… I do not think I am alone in feeling this way.

Bob Smith


I’m all for fair criticism, so I would like to clear up something - even if your post was directed at Agustín it is still a public forum, so I thought maybe you would find others’ input useful even if they are not affiliated with Senscape. Well, I hope so anyway :slight_smile:

Adamantus is not a Senscape project and if that other game you were referring to is Seclusion: Islesbury, then that is not a Senscape project either. Senscape did however release Serena in 2014 and had an unsuccessful kickstarter campaign for The Case of Charles Dexter Ward in 2014. I’m sure Agustín knows the details better than I.

The point is that Adamantus and Seclusion: Islesbury are developed by community members, using the Dagon engine Senscape developed when they were using it for Asylum. These days I have been developing the engine and have plans for its continued growth, so I can definitely tell you that Agustín has not been putting off Asylum to work on Dagon. On the contrary, he has told me about some of the things he wants to do for Dagon but has insisted that it will have to wait because him and his team are working hard on Asylum, so I would say we have no reason to doubt that releasing Asylum is Senscape’s number one priority.

This is not to defend that Asylum hasn’t been released yet, it’s just to make sure criticism is fair and informed :slight_smile:


I do have to agree that Águstin severely underestimated the time and money that Asylum would need to be finished. Nonetheless, I have decided that I wouldn’t pressure Senscape for a release date for Asylum in spite of all the time it is taking to finish it. However, when Asylum finally arrives (which is something that I do believe will eventually happen), I will expected nothing short of excellent. After so many years, a good game is not enough.


Yes, I feel it should be stated more clearly since we’re providing the community and some support for these projects, but Senscape is neither developing Adamantus or Seclusion. We obviously love what their respective creators are doing, and we couldn’t be happier that they’re choosing Dagon to do it, but that’s as far as our relationship goes :slight_smile:

I absolutely agree with the criticism, though – we grossly underestimated this project and are facing astronomical expectations from backers and fans. At this point I’m considering all alternatives and would launch on Early Access given the circumstances. I want to wait some more, though, because that kind of decision could drastically change the commercial success of Asylum. This is a difficult issue for me as I’m juggling between running a company, making a game, and ensuring it sells. It’s something fans tend to overlook (and I don’t blame them) when they say “why won’t you release the game right now?”. It’s not as simple as finishing the game and releasing it; I wish it were! Rest assured that every decision I’m taking is to ensure that Asylum lives up to the hype and is enough a good seller to keep Senscape running. We (as in the future of our company and our futures) depend on the success of this game.

That said, please remember: you are already able to try a private and sizable build of Asylum that should alleviate worries you have of wasting your money. Also, I recently did a private stream for backers that was very well received – those who missed it will be able to watch a new video soon with an in-depth status report and discussion of our plans for its release date.

So, again, I’m sorry for the radio silence: it only means we’re working very hard on the game and getting ready to show seriously cool stuff. Every day we’re making sure that Asylum meets that anticipated level of excellence and then some.


I’m not sure Asylum is the right kind of game for Early Access, to be honest. This guy states it way better then I ever could: http://www.escapistmagazine.com/articles/view/video-games/columns/extra-punctuation/16846-When-is-Early-Access-Appropriate-for-a-Game

It’s a trendy thing to do ever since minecraft, but that is an open universe you can patch up as you go, you can pick it up as you please and discover the new things. Adventure games that rely greatly on narrative fall a bit flat there. Imagine playing scratches in an unfinished state, and then again when it’s completely done. Kinda ruins a lot of moments, suprises, fears and mysteries.

I’m as thirsty for Asylum as the next guy, and I didn’t back it being the traditionalist that I am, but it’s better for the game to make a full-blown explosion of an appearance.

I would recommend something like an alternate reality game or some intricate breadcrum trail to another teaser to keep the fans from collapsing in hunger and buy you a good few months. Let the game begin even before it is in our hands.


Thank you for your input here. I did make the mistake of associating these other projects, as well as the Charles Dexter Ward kickstarter with Senscape. This is an entirely fair criticism of my comment. I still have a bad impression of seeking funding on one project, while another is not finished… but I do also understand Augustin’s point.

Perhaps more money should have been sought to complete Asylum if the funding was insufficient. I did not intend to imply… in any way… that Augustin or Senscape spent the funding in an inappropriate manner. I do agree with Snake though in that Augustin or someone underestimated the time and money it would take to complete… and when they hit the whole engine change over, perhaps they should have come back to us and simply asked for more money. If Augustin had explained and said “more funding will allow us to keep to the original time-frame”, I would have given more at that point. I want this game made… I want to support this industry and these particular types of games.

I backed Oblivion… and they produced a stunning game finally. Incredibly hard puzzles but really great. So I am willing to wait but… I don’t think anyone will disagree that this one has taken a really long time. I mean Augustin could have explained everything at the time, and left the choice up to us to either give additional funding or accept the additional delay. Straw polls would have given some idea (not a great one but some kind anyway) as to how well another Kickstarter would do for this game etc.

I don’t know. In any case thank you for clearing that part of the issue up.

Bob Smith


Thanks for sharing your perspective, Bob. Believe me when I say I understand the frustration of backers about the status of Asylum, especially after they were so kind to support it. I’m ashamed about the extended delays, but I’m also positive that a much better game is being developed because of these setbacks (at least puzzles won’t be incredibly hard!). All jokes aside, this is a game in which every detail will show the utmost care.

You’re right, however, that I made an assumption which could have been consulted with backers first: to me, asking for more money was always out of the question – as in, I would explore any possibility except resorting to that. But maybe that’s up for backers to decide; after all, we are where we are because of you. I thought that even suggesting the possibility of asking for more money would have offended you.

I don’t think it’s necessary now but maybe it’s something that should have been up for discussion back then. You see, sometimes it’s not clear how to proceed in Kickstarter, it’s still something new and we’re always learning from the process. What I go out of my way in doing is communicate effusively the status of the development and keep everybody constantly updated.

Again, thank you for your post – it definitely got me thinking :slight_smile: