The treatment is DEADLY effective in our newest trailer and Steam community!


That’s right, you can now put ASYLUM on your Steam wishlist!

But we kindly suggest that first you evaluate our newest video to make sure your heart can stand the horrors the Hanwell Mental Institute has in store for you:

Will you survive it?


I love the new trailer! The old movie aesthetic is very fitting :smile:


Omg omg omg that is just fabulous! So very Vincent Price in its atmosphere. Well - a cross between Vincent Price and Alfred Hitchcock. I’m so looking forward to this game. :heart_eyes:


We figured you’d like this vintage teaser :slight_smile:


The teaser is wonderful!! The atmosphere is very well done =D

I was wondering, now that we have Steam page and stuff, what about GOG? Are you considering it? Have you got in touch with them about Asylum? I’d rather have my games DRM-Free… though NOT horror-free xD


Yes, we already have an agreement with GOG, so the game will also be available in their store :slight_smile:


Nice! Hope it gets added to the store soon so I can wishlist it there as well :heart_eyes:


Who does the narration in the trailer?


An Argentinian friend, Javier Gomez. He sounded very authentic, IMO :slight_smile:


Totally gorgeous! Loved this throwback to classic 80’s TV spots. You boys have done well yet again. :slight_smile:


Yay, thank you Areala!! :smile:


Hi !

I can`t put the game on my Steam wishlist because the game (Asylum Demo) is already in my steam
library. What can I do to bring the game on my wishlist ? :grin::grin::grin:

PS. The trailer looks and sounds like the old 80`s cinema zombie trailer. Ingenious :scream: :sunglasses:

Greetinx from Germany


As a dear backer, you don’t need to put the game on your Steam wishlist — you already own it :smiley: