The mandatory Asylum update! Brand new wallpapers included!


Hello Senscapers!

Here’s a one of those coveted Asylum status updates. I’ll try to keep it short, but first: feel free to download this pack of scrumptious HD wallpapers for your desktop and mobile devices. They ooze mood and fear:

As you know, Asylum has been in alpha for a while. The entire Hanwell Mental Institute can be explored fully, close to 100 distinct locations with tons of details and horrifying things. We’re now implementing the actual game logic, which is the things you do and problems you solve inside this dreadful place. This year we achieved a crucial milestone in the project: the characters you meet in Hanwell, and the way you interact with them, have been finalized. This was no small feast: these dwellers of the asylum look and behave humanly, with impressive animations and believable reactions to your questions. They’re truly on the same level of big budget games, and they took a tremendous time to get right. We recently posted a test of the mysterious Lenny – perhaps your only friend in Hanwell – and he’s already looking better:

We say this often but the reason we don’t want to venture a release date is to avoid giving you false expectations. We’ve been doing so for the past years (harkening back to an embarrassing “Coming 2011”) and you see how that went. This is a huge game, too huge we reckon, with a difficult schedule that’s hard to estimate, but we’re pulling it off. We’re also very stubborn when it comes to the quality and style of the things we do. Those Kickstarter backers who tried Asylum can confirm that simply moving around Hanwell alone can take several hours. For sure, this is a game that will live up to the expectations, not just playing it but encouraging endless theories and discussions about its story.

While we don’t have news release-wise, we can tell you this: we have settled on a schedule for upcoming things to see and hear from the project. There’s been a bit of uncomfortable silence in our social webs and forum, but rest assured that all is well and that we’re making progress every day. The moment Asylum is closer to become a reality, it will all happen very fast: new trailer, dozens of screenshots, lengthy gameplay video, post-mortem, live Q&A, demo, you name it. But we’re saving all that to build hype for the shocking moment of truth when you get to see for yourselves the fruit of five years of work and counting. It will happen. 100% guaranteed.

For now, thank you so much for your patience and being there for us. Until next time!


Good to hear everything is going great Agustin and screens look nice and creepy as always :slight_smile:


Woo! Great update. Glad to hear things are going on nicely :slight_smile:

Thanks for the new wallpapers. They are amazing, especially Hanwell at night :nod:
Nothing is better than a glorious run-down asylum by moonlight. Creepy!