Thank you for Scratches

Mr. Cordes,
I’m sorry for writing this here, but I wasn’t really sure how else to contact you.

I just want to thank you for Scratches, which I’ve been playing for over a decade - back when a weird bug in the Director’s Cut stopped me from being able to unlock the front door of the mansion :slight_smile: Every time I get a new computer setup, I always check to see how Scratches plays of the new gear (like tonight). I’m not really a gamer - I only still play because some of the best stories are being told in games (I’m currently knee-deep into the Resident Evil 7 DLC, and waiting for the Lost Crown sequel)

Anyway, I want to thank you because Scratches is not just my favorite horror story in gaming, I think it’s one of the very best and most beautiful tales in recent horror in any form. It’s one of the stories I revisit, alongside my favorites in writing and film, over and over. It never cheats; It plays by the rules of the world it sets up, and when the shocks come at the end, it’s “Shame on me!” because you gave me every damn chance to deduce the ending on my own. And weirdly, I still dread my first night in the mansion as much as I did when it was all a mystery. From the “haunted” painting you make me walk past every blasted walk to the attic, to the endless ticking of the grandfather clock, it’s all just dripping with sumptuous detail and atmosphere.

Like the best horror, it’s not an ugly story. It’s the story of an awful tragedy that’s made terrifying by the role I play in discovering it. It’s elegant and shattering, and I continue to be frustrated that many fans of horror fiction aren’t exposed to it, or understand how it can exist in a video game.

Thank you for your fantastic addition to horror fiction and an experience that still hasn’t let go of me. I’ll keep a look out for any crowdfunding opportunities to bring the game to a new generation of players, although I know that the messy ownership makes that unlikely.

Blessings :slight_smile:


Thank you so much for the kind words, this means a lot to me. When I set out to design Scratches, my number one rule for the game was to never underestimate players, keep constantly rewarding their dedication and observation. It’s truly great to hear this subtlety is still appreciated. It’s also mind-blowing for me that Scratches left such a lasting impression on so many people, and that it remains fresh to this day. It’s everything I could have possibly hoped for.

Alas, it’s a shame the legal mumbo-jumbo surrounding its ownership prevents us from re-releasing the game. It’s been the fate behind so many classic adventures, and I’m sad Scratches now belongs to that group. But you never know, I’ll definitely give that a shot after we complete Asylum.

Thanks again for sharing your experiences, I love reading about them!


WOW, well said!!! You put into words what I could never think of to say. I appauld you Sir.


After such a beautiful review of the game, I decided to “scratch” Scratches off my backlog and started to play it this week.

I already love the tone of the game, how that music made me unconfortable to be in the basement at my first day in the manor. It really is well done and, even though I was stuck at a couple of points, when consulting a walkthrough I was thinking “damn, I should have done that”. Like you said, you just have to pay attention and observe things, nothing seems like crazy logic (adventure games of old, I’m looking at you now!).

If Asylum turned out to be just like Scratches but bigger, I would be happy already, but it seems it will be much better from the last videos, I’m so looking forward to it!


Try the ‘wrong’ side of the door.