Testing Dagon for Unity


I know that many of you are dying to get your hands on this. Here’s the current status:

  • It’s not ready to go public, but we’d be willing to grant access to a reduced number of developers to our GitHub repo. This would be unsupported code and subject to changes.

  • It’s fairly easy to integrate with existing Unity projects. In theory (this needs much more testing!) it’s a simple matter of copying the Dagon plugin and dragging the provided prefab to your Unity scene. We could also provide an empty scene with cloud effects which are not part of Dagonity for the time being.

  • It’s already possible to build playable things with it as we’re about to test a rich and lengthy demo of Asylum. The new engine is speedy and surprisingly comparable to Dagon C++. A big “but” is that saving and loading is not working, but partially implemented.

  • The workflow for producing games still has its annoyances. For example, you need to manually reimport Lua scripts after you’ve modified them. It’s just a series of minor quirks that we need to sort out with Unity.

  • The Lua scripting code has changed somewhat. Chances are that your current scripts won’t work out of the box, but can be easily converted. The new features, though, such as the hotspot parser require fiddling with JSON files and new syntax.

All in all, we’d be providing this “as is” with some example code and assets and no support. We’re very focused on Asylum now and stuff that we need for the game, but Dagonity is already usable – provided you put time and effort into understanding how it coexists with Unity.

So, who wants in?


I’d like to try it, but most probably I won’t be migrating my game to Dagonity just now unless I find it very necessary for the workflow. I’m at a point where I’m completing the gameplay which involves lots of spot creation. Hotspot parser would be very helpful and speed things up, but that depends on how easy it will be for me convert other things which might end up slowing me down more.

A pros and cons situation basically, but yeah I’d like to give it a try if it’s okay with you.

Btw, finally I’m really close to share some stuff about my game, but I just need to figure out a good name for it which proved to be a real struggle.


The hotspots creator has been saving us tons of time with Asylum. The script only works on 3DS Max, though. It can work provided you build the required colored images (in PNG) yourself and maintain the required filenames.

And yeah, picking a title for your project is always a big deal. Try to keep it simple and focused :slight_smile:


Fantastic stuff, Agustín. Deal me in (why do I feel like I’m playing high stakes poker? :smiley: ).

Just got my Xmas hols for 2 weeks so good timing!


I love to say yes but I just don’t get on with Unity :’(

@civanT also check google and make sure no one is using the name, worst case scenario is getting sued… not good either someone has the same name and their game is cr*p! Ironically those people are likely to complain to :))


I’m in, of course! :smiley: I’ve got two mostly-free weeks to devote to it — except for an annoying interruption for a certain holiday. Thanks, Agustin and Co. :thumbsup:


Alright folks, I’ll be giving you access to the Dagonity repo and post a sample project for your perusal. Anyone familiar with Dagon should understand how this is supposed to work without major hassles.

Are all of you on Github? Please, remind me your usernames :slight_smile:


Cheers, thanks a million Agustín! :thumbsup:

My Github username is ‘paulbrt’ (a few of us are following you on Github so should be able to get usernames from there too).

Will be fun to dig in - looks like it may soon be time to break out the sleeve-rolling, head-scratching and figuring-out manoeuvres. :reading: :nod:


mellinger on Github. SO EXCITED!!!


I’m civanT in there too.

Btw, which version of Unity we need for this?


“imari” :slight_smile:


OK, done. We have tested this code with Unity Pro 4.6+, but I suspect it should work fine with Unity Free 4+. Keep in mind that some features such as hotspot detection will only work with the Pro edition, though.

So, you have access to the dagon-unity repo and I added some simple instructions to the readme. I’ll follow up with more comments soon, but keep in mind this is a very “barebones” release. However, you should be able to create an explorable game world with hotspots and stuff :slight_smile:

The most dramatic change from the previous Dagon is the new Thing object. I’ll have to elaborate on that later. Keep in mind that previous GUI functionality is not available now, so any HUD you have created won’t work.

Have fun… and good luck!


Yay, got it working on Unity Free!

Have to do a very minor bit of tweaking, though.

Follow Imari’s useful steps here (need to copy dagon-unity-master files into [b]\DagonitySample\Assets\Dagon[/b] folder):

The sample project won’t run as soon as you open the sample project in Unity - you need to open the ‘Environment’ scene and run it (steps below but need to take care of a video issue first).

There are several warnings that “Movie Playback is only available with Unity Pro”. The scene is able to start but controls don’t work (trying to attach videos appears to prevent controls initialising).

To get around video/controls issue:

  • Edit this file: \DagonitySample\Assets\Dagon\Scripts\Controllers\SpotController.cs
  • Go to line 118 (‘LoadAttachment’ method) and comment out:
// LoadVideo ( attachment );

To run sample project:

  • In the Project window, navigate to Assets > Game > Environment > Scenes
  • Select ‘Environment’ scene (Environment.unity) and double-click to open.
  • Press Play button in the toolbar at the top.

Initial findings:

[ul][li]You can walk around the yard scene (there are a few nodes).[/li]
[li]Sounds all play fine (walking and wind).[/li]
[li]Sky animation looks great![/li]
[li]Cannot examine anything (spyglass icon is there but does nothing when clicked on).[/li]
[li]No video animation in the fountain or door opening (as mentioned above, this is a Pro feature).[/li]
[li]Doesn’t appear to be any image post processing (grain, colour, etc. effects) - this may just be due to it being a sample project or still a feature to be added.[/li][/ul]

Haven’t poked around too much else yet but hopefully that’s enough to get people up and running with Unity Free.

Many thanks again, Agustín, for giving us access to this!!


Ah, most correct, movie playback is only available in Unity Pro. And that’s likely the reason why the interaction won’t work – the interactive Thing “fountain” is attached to a movie in this sample. An easy workaround is to create a region with vertices in the old fashioned way.

Next step is to explain how to use the hotspot parser, though it’s not a very intuitive process at the moment.

Stay tuned for further improvements and docs :slight_smile:


I get these error when I load the scene. Only front, right, and back sides are loaded and I can’t move the camera when testing the gameplay. What can be the reason?


Same problem described by Finn. Consider commenting both doors and all videos pertaining to the fountain. It should work :slight_smile:


Ops. Thanks Agustin and thanks Finn.

I’ll try to add my feedback after (if) I manage to add my own assets to the engine.


I went through the same process and ended up getting another 30 day trial to Unity Pro to get things working. I was able to trigger hotspot feedback on the fountain, but only from one node. I’m just shocked I understand how this stuff is working! Thanks, Agustin. Can’t wait for more.


There seems to be a problem with cursors not appearing on certain faces of the cubemap. We’ll get those fixed :nod:

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Following Finn’s suggestion, I was able to get the sample game up and running in free Unity. 4.5.3f.
I had the same experiece he detailed also.