Testing Asylum with the Steam Link & Xbox controller


We’re having a very intensive and productive period in the development of Asylum. Well, it’s always been intense and gut-wrenchingly busy, but recently we achieved a series of goals that put the game closer to the finishing line! Take a look:

Turns out that all the stuff we’ve been extensively preparing for months is eerily working just as expected, so surely something terrible is about to happen… In the meantime, before Chaos strikes, enjoy the implementation of our “Look 'n Click” interface that works essentially the same with mouse, gamepad and touchscreen. After lots of experimenting, we settled on this scheme which is very pleasurable to play on the couch and a big TV, but of course feels just like home with the venerable mouse.

Thoughts on what you see in the video?

By the way, big news are just around the corner, folks. Don’t say I didn’t warn you! :upside_down:


Personally I’m most excited about touchscreen support. Makes me wanna play on my Surface. I do own an xbox controller, but I imagine that for me the good ol’ mouse will win out, should I decide to visit Hanwell on a bigger monitor by playing on my desktop.
Of course I am not more excited (yet) for the big news you’re talking about, but definitely more interested :slight_smile:


Ooh, I will certainly try using a controller. It’ll be a fresh experience for me. I never actually played P&C games on a TV.


Hey Agustin, whats that game Tales of Mystery and Terror the video shows you have been playing? I can’t find it on steam


I’m… not sure. Guess we’ll find out soon.


Would this be the ‘blatant… clue’ you were referring to? :slight_smile: If so, cool - can already hear voiceover man intone it with a cigar-chewed gravelly inflection fit for the very best of 80s video nasties.


I have a 24 inch monitor and a touch screen this is so neat if you are supporting a touch screen can also play with the mouse but the touch screen is fun to played the book of unwritten tales 2 with my touch screen.:sunglasses: