Testing Asylum: My thoughts

Wow! Just wow! Have you ever experienced something so hauntingly wonderful that when you try to express the terror you have experienced to others, the words just escape you? Yeah, that’s how I feel about Asylum…now where to even begin?

As many of you, I have the privilege to test Asylum and from what I have seen so far, it is amazing! The asylum its self is MASSIVE! So massive in fact that, I may or may not, have gotten lost and turned around a few times while exploring. We won’t discuss that :-[

As for the graphics, they are unbelievable. The attention to detail suburb. it truly felt like I was exploring a real life asylum. For being a test version of the game, I was surprised by how much of the building I was able to explore already. I came across many horrifying (yet awesome) rooms, including one on the second floor that looks like a miniature version of a certain medical anomaly museum that I live near. For some reason the game seems to freeze a little when I click to go up or down a stair case. Not sure if that’s just me or not.

Now I won’t lie, I was terrified to proceed down some of the decrepit halls and wonder past the cells of Hanwell’s tortured patients, my heart beating a mile a minute. I never did find out where that mysterious buzzing noise that shivers reminds me of a dentist drill, came from… :o
I almost even didn’t enter a certain bathroom, of which I ran into a most unfortunate little teddy bear, out of true fear. Its amazing how scared I was and the game isn’t even finished yet!

I did however appreciate the little reference to Scratches in the archive room. Nice touch Agustin! :wink:

The music is hauntingly beautiful and really helps enhance the eerie atmosphere that is Hanwell Mental Institute. Only thing I would suggest here is not to have too long of a break until the music starts playing again. I feel that without the music, it loses a little bit of that creepy feeling, but only just a little. That’s probably just do to my personal tastes though.

I haven’t finished testing Asylum due to lack of time, but from what I see so far, this looks like a game that is sure to deliver many sleepless nights and terrorizing thoughts. Just as with Scratches, I can’t seem to stop thinking about Asylum and I am looking forward to all of the horrors I will encounter inside the walls of Hanwell. Great job so far to Agustin and everyone at Senscape. I can’t wait to play the completed game! :slight_smile:

All is well if you like the game so far. Thank you so much for the wonderful comments :slight_smile:

The selection and pacing of music will be greatly improved in the final game. As for those pauses when walking up and down stairways, I’ll be looking into it!

Am I right understood, that a new Asylum demo was released? I don’t have much time last days, but hope to find some hours for this. Where I can download the demo?

Andy, this demo is for Kickstarter backers only, but we are preparing cool things to show soon :slight_smile:

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Waiting. :slight_smile: