Technical questions about the new video

I really enjoyed the new tour, thanks. Have you turned up the amount graininess since the last video or was that YouTube’s compression? Are Julia and Lenny video patches? If so, I couldn’t detect any seams. (Wish I could say the same with Adamantus. :P)

Must have been YouTube because I didn’t change the graininess. I did improve the viewing angle a bit.

Both characters are patches, indeed, and they happen to integrate very well. I have been tweaking the colors in the Theora conversion and apparently there’s a problem with the blues (the ocean patches don’t look so well, for example).

I’m definitely going to keep working on getting those colors right!

Wow, you’re speedy today! :slight_smile:

I was going to say that the new video looked darker and that I liked the depth and atmosphere that it gave to the game. The outside of Hanwell is gorgeous, by the way. Congratulations to Pablo for getting this done. :thumbsup:

1- I’d really like to watch the video but are we at the point where watching trailers will compromise the playing experience? Like movies, I like to go into these story-based things completely un-biased (except the expectation that I will like it). For example, just knowing a character exists is more than I know going in from scratch because at some point in the game a light bulb will go off because I KNOW a character exists because I saw him in the trailer.
2- Agustin, are you just fudging the videos by hand to improve (but not fix) the color-skewing? My understanding is that true fixes using the stock theora were impossible.

Ack, sorry, I forgot to reply this one, shadowphile :frowning:

No, I’m not manipulating the videos in any way, although compression might “disguise” some artifacts. I’ve been experimenting with the Theora decoder and you definitely can tweak the colors manually. The problem is that when you fix one video, you break another one.

I’m looking into alternate solutions and will try the TheoraPlay wrapper which seems to be working fine and provides a more accurate YUV->RGB conversion. If that doesn’t fix the problem, then we won’t have a choice but to allow tweaking videos via Lua script. Annoying, but it’s one solution.