System Requirements for Asylum


Will I need to buy a new laptop? This HP Probook 4730s of mine was the bees knees when I bought it but alas that was probably the same time as I put in to back Asylum. :smiley:

I’m hoping I need a new laptop. I’d love it if the system requirements were just short of off the planet so I can justify buying a new shiny lappy. :heart_eyes:


No, you absolutely won’t. I’m going to be addressing this in greater detail soon, but briefly, Asylum is performing very well and with high quality settings in modest notebooks. Case in point, I was able to run the game in a low-end MacBook Air from 2011 :slight_smile:

Basically, just about any computer you buy today will run Asylum smoothly.


Damn. I mean - thanks. :smiley:


Stupid question but does Asylum run in windows 7 32bit? My pc is very outdated but it still functions for the games I like so I haven’t gotten around to replacing it yet. I apologize if this has been stated before. (I’m just a “lurker” so I don’t have access to backers only updates)


Yes, we will support 32-bit Windows, so no worries about that.