Streaming Scratches this week


Hello everyone! As you all know, Asylum’s kickstarter is ending in less then 10 days from now. So what I am going to do is stream Scratches to help promote Asylum. I want to do this on Saturday around 2 PM EST or some time around then. Please let me know how badly that affects everyone who is interested in joining my time in the Blackwood Estate.

I will link my Twitch on Friday or early Saturday.

Thank you all,


Any chance you can make it available for download or viewing on YouTube later? I’ll be at work, but I’d love to watch. :slight_smile:



Yeah I need to figure out WHERE the recorded version goes to because I have yet to find my test recordings that I was planning to upload to my Youtube.

Nevermind I found it after looking around some folders. I will most absolutely put the stream up on my Youtube and link that after everything finishes rendering.

Happy to have some support =]


Sounds good, will you be commenting ?


Of course, I don’t know if that will be a deal breaker or not and I will not talk during cutscenes like the phone conversations and what not but I will talk every so often to break the tension that is Scratches.


Double posting to link my twitch:



Missed it. I’ll try to watch tomorrow.


I did not stream today :stuck_out_tongue:
It all starts tomorrow, I did not mean to freak anyone out just yet >:D


Stream is up, streaming FTl until around 2:05 or so.


That was really cool, thanks for doing this!
Can’t wait to see more


I am happy to have received a lot of positive feedback. Thank you all who did attend for however long =]


It was fun to watch someone else play and to recall my own reactions to the events in Scratches. Thanks for streaming. :slight_smile:


Sadly I think it would have gone better if I did it blind so I need to find something I have not played yet because I did not have the attitude that matched the atmosphere but people were nice enough to suggest some games.


Hard to talk about Scratches without spoilers as everything that moves the plot or time forward could be a spoiler… Maybe it would be worth having a thread with a spoiler warning where people can talk about their progress with the game?

Mild spoiler alert:
Anyway I’m onto the second day and am currently trying to get into the hidden room next to the bedroom.


I know this is kind of off topic, but anyone knows where can I get the playable teasers for Scratches? I was feeling like checking those out, but google only gives me broken links.

#16 :slight_smile:


Sure, feel free to start a different thread about Scratches. I know many of you are playing the game.

As for the teasers: yes, they’re hard to find. I’m afraid that we can’t distribute them ourselves, but I’ll see if someone can else can setup a mirror.


Ah, Gastón beat me to it :smiley:


Thank you, Agustín and Gaston!


Now that I completed my stream, I will be able to help people if they are stuck.