I believe a lot of people on this forum use Steam (including me), though not everyone does. Lately, I almost only play games via Steam and don’t buy them in shop anymore. There are in my opinion more advantages for buying on Steam than in shop. The only thing I don’t like is the fact that I don’t have a little box anymore where my cd is in, and which I can put in a computer. I just like to collect game boxes and covers, which is not possible if you only buy via Steam like me.

Anyway, to me it seemed like a good idea to make a general topic about Steam where everyone could post their account, so we can see what Steam account belongs to what Senscaper.

Well, I will start.

DeadlyDimi -

Feel free to add me. :slight_smile:

I know there’s already a Steam group for Senscape, but I imagined a topic like this would simply be handy.

By the way, Agustin, if you read this, I happen to have added you on Steam, so the next time you log in on Steam, you will have an invitation from me.

Hi DeadlyDimi, good idea. The more friends the merrier.

Fate -

I’m not on Steam a lot, but… :slight_smile:

Friended you there, DeadlyDimi, and this is indeed a lovely idea :slight_smile:

My nick there is (unsurprisingly) “agustincordes”. We also have a Senscape community on Steam, which I invite you to join:

It’s not very active right now, but this will change soon :wink:

I’m almost always on Steam even when not gaming, so feel free to add me.

What a fantastic idea. I’m part of a steam group dedicated to Lovecraftian gaming :o
Feel free to peruse and come chat with us! I’m very much looking forward to Asylum!


I’ve added you too, Dimi.

@Agustin, I happen to already be part of that group. 8)
@civanT, the same for me. If my computer is on, Steam is on too, so I am online a lot aswell.
@LovecraftPlays, interesting, a Lovecraft group! I will have a look. Haven’t read anything from him yet, due to difficulties with the English language, but I am very interested in it.

Thanks for the adds and giving your Steam accounts.

Edit: Oh, and you actually stream, LovecraftPlays? That makes me even more excited.

Yes I do [email protected]
I just started three weeks ago and I’ve had some great success thus far carving out a niche for those who are not so interested in heavy jump scare games and wanting to discuss Lovecraftian influence in gaming. :smiley: I’m very excited to get Asylum and pick it apart bit by bit!

Hey, you could always do a let’s play of Scratches! :smiley:

Also, you’ll want to stay tuned for our huge announcement this October :wink:

Believe me, that is most certainly on the agenda!
It is probably going to be the one I go for next weekend!

[quote=“LovecraftPlays, post:11, topic:745”]Believe me, that is most certainly on the agenda!
It is probably going to be the one I go for next weekend![/quote]

I am definitely watching then, if it’s at the right time for me.

I’ve joined the senscape group on Steam. :slight_smile:

Awesome, we’re going to be generating more activity on Steam!

In fact, we have some very interesting weeks ahead :nod: