Status and future of the Senscape web


As cunning fans of adventure games, you may have observed that we’re lacking a landing page. That is, will currently take you straight to this forum.

As much as we love chatting and hanging around in this wonderful community, we still should have a proper main page. The old site based on WordPress was giving us too many headaches, so I’m working on a better solution that will feature a dedicated page for Asylum with new goodies (screenshots! videos!) and a nice blog you can follow to get all the latest news. Moreover, this blog won’t be a “fad” but our commitment to post more frequent and detailed updates about the development of the game.

And all this should happen fairly soon, as we’re also giving a refresh to our Steam community with a store page you can use to wishlist the game. Yay!

So that’s it. I just wanted to give you the heads up about things web and community. Stick around, and stay tuned for more!


What technology do you use for new site?


The forum is based on Discourse ( For the main website I was planning to launch a simple static frontage based on Middleman, but we have something better on the works based on Ruby On Rails.

Many backers and fans have been requesting the possibility of increasing their pledges or purchasing new rewards for Asylum, so we’re readying a system that will allow people to do just that. I’m not sure when it’s going to happen, but certainly before launch date :slight_smile: