Several questions

Agustin, I have three questions:
1 - I keep having problems connecting to the senscape server. Any issues?
2- The Dagon repo says it hasn’t been updated in 4 months? Yes?
3- Sublime Text editor looks very slick. Is there a package or plugin that allows to pull directly from the Dagon repo? I don’t plan to compile or anything but I’d like to peruse the source looking for undocumented commands or parameters within Sublime.

1 - When you say “Senscape server”, what do you mean? The website? FTP…?
2 - Yes, I haven’t pushed to the repo in quite a while. Right now I’m focusing on the Asylum specific code, but expect updates soon!
3 - There must be something that integrates with GitHub but I’m not using it. Your best option is to clone the repo and just browse the code with Sublime. It does have a pretty large and strong community, so chances are there’s a plugin around somewhere.

1-The website
2-oh, forgot you have Asylum script too.
3-thanks, that’s what I ended up doing.

I wasn’t aware of any issues. What’s the problem, slow loading? Happens only in forum or entire website? Is it STILL happening?

My turn to ask several questions :stuck_out_tongue:

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Turns out there was a problem with our provider - KnownHost - yesterday. Just a temporary hiccup, all should be working flawlessly again :slight_smile: