Server upgrade


Hey all!

We’ve been doing a bit of maintenance on the websites and migrated everything to a (hopefully) snappier server. Please, let me know if you bump into any issues and if you notice any actual improvements.

Cheerio :smiley:


I’ve already noticed the speed difference. Forum loads a lot quicker now. Good job Agustin.


Eventually we’re going to upgrade the ugly forum software and dated theme, but one thing at a time. Working on Asylum updates now :slight_smile:


Yay :slight_smile:


Looks good! Hooray for the upcoming Asylum update. :slight_smile:


Yay! Looking forward to the Asylum update! The new server upgrade looks good too.


The white header hurts my eyes. :’(

Other than that it’s faster and looks better (although of the rather slight changes).


For those of you wondering, we’re using this now:

The white header sucks but we needed something. Forum upgrade will occur sometime in the future, with -1 priority. We’re moving to this one: