Serena was excellent

I was finally able to download and play Serena and I must say, very well done. The story was enthralling; it invoked such a want to understand what happened. The voice acting by Mr. Mandel was excellent, all very believable and emotional. I am continually impressed by the graphics of the games being produced by the Dagon Engine; mainly the detail put into each part of the cabin. From the scratches on the over hangs, to the stove, and even the carpet in front of the bed. I enjoyed the Sepia reminiscent tones very much, and as the music changed throughout the game the room definitely became different, more foreboding and uncomfortable.

I read the Kotaku article and I really appreciate what you did here, using the game as almost a unifying tool. Making a bad situation into something where the whole of the adventure gaming community could rally around.

I have my opinions of what the ending meant, probably the same as many others who would post their own. That’s what I love about good story tellers making games; one can actually have a discussion about a game, which in my opinion makes the entertainment that much better.

I enjoyed Serena as well! Such a beautifully unsettling game…just the way I like them :nod:

I couldn’t have said it better myself! It’s hard for me to describe in words what a all around great game this is. Its more of a “feeling” if you know what I mean. So, in a way, you could say Serena left me speechless!

I definitely know what you are saying by “feeling” Ashli. Its hard to describe when you are made to feel a certain way, completely oblivious to the fact that you are being manipulated by something you are supposed to be playing.

These people need to stop toying with our emotions :smiley:

Well, some innuendo in this story is the main clue as for me. )

I replayed Serena last week, and even though I already knew the plot, I still enjoyed myself. I hope the ‘‘jumpscares’’ that were in Serena as well as Scratches will return (a lot) in Asylum. I don’t mean the normal, boom in your face jumpscares. I mean jumpscares where the tension builds up slowly, and the game jumps at you completely unexpected.

I wouldn’t say that Serena had any jump scares at all. Rather just one or two scares without any “jump”. :smiley: