Senscape's Kickstarter for Charles Dexter Ward

If you haven’t seen the Kickstarter for the next Senscape game, please check it out and back it!
It is a faithful and painstakingly researched adaptation of H. P. Lovecraft’s only novel, The Case of Charles Dexter Ward. The Kickstarter is in its last few days.

Its not looking good :frowning: :’(

It’s not looking anymore :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s sad to see that target is not reached, but on the bright side it looks like you have a strong support for the game. It’s not all bad, I guess, but that might be just me :paranoid:

Of course it’s not bad! It’s a miracle that we surpassed the 100k mark, all things considered. Always happy to see such an amazing support!

I love the final figure the 110,666… you couldn’t of done that if you tried!

In your final update to the ickstarter page you explained that you did not got funded because Kickstarter was dying. Furthermore, in the comments section, backers discussed that the reason why we are experience its decline, is because a huge amount of projects either fail to meet expectations or get extremely delayed. Given these facts, do you believe that had Asylum been released in the estimated date and received with critical acclaim, that people would be more inclined to back Charles Dexter Ward?

I am not asking if Asylum’s delay hurted the campaign; you already explained that was not the reason why you did not got funded. What I am asking is, had Asylum been released on the estimated date, if it would benefited the campaign.

Also, could it be that one minor reason for the lack of funding be because HPL fans generaly are not gamers?

Dear Snake, I find it hard to believe that such a worthy project did not reach its funding goal, especially considering the level of professionalism of the launch and the enormous amount of positive press coverage. It would have been great to launch on a high after the successful release of [i]Asylum[/I], but I don’t think that Asylum’s delay was the deciding factor in the failure of the campaign.

Personally, I believe the reason was twofold. Foremost, is a lack of interest or lack of confidence in Kickstarter projects generally. Figures show that support for Kickstarter projects has reduced drastically in the past year. It looks as though that’s particularly true for video games. Possibly, this may be because some backers have soured due to the delayed releases (and the release in “chapters”) for projects they have funded. Mostly though, I think it’s because Kickstarter is no longer the new thing anymore, people have moved on to the next new thing. Also, many people thought of Kickstarter as a “pre-order” system, which they have discovered, it’s not.

Secondly, the Lovecraft community got upset because some of them believe that all of Lovecraft’s works are (or should be) in the public domain and they were incensed that Agustin would pay a fee for the “rights” to produce The Case of Charles Dexter Ward as a game. Even though Agustin stated many times that he negotiated to secure those “rights” only because he wanted to protect Senscape from possible litigation, they seemed to think that he was somehow legitimizing the claimant to Lovecraft’s works. A very vocal few seemed to follow the campaign and challenged Agustin after interviews or official announcements. Admittedly, the current representative of the Lovecraft estate is a very distant relative (Out of curiosity I did a little genealogy and he’s the author’s 2nd cousin twice removed — that is to say he is Lovecraft’s great-grandfather’s great-great-great-grandson). For various reasons his “rights” to Lovecraft’s estate might not withstand scrutiny by a court of law, but that’s not the point. The financial fallout from a lawsuit could crush a small company and Agustin was protecting Senscape from a potential lawsuit. I shudder to think what it has cost to fight the estate of Arthur Conan Doyle for the free use of the Sherlock Holmes character. That case went all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court!

Anyway, I’ve jumped in to give an answer, because Agustin has fought the good fight and must be truly exhausted. I hope we can all move on past the Kickstarter campaign. Our disappointment was huge, but it’s over.

I’m still quite shocked because the launch of the campaign surpassed all our expectations. It was truly huge. But to address Snake’s question:having released Asylum may have helped, but I still don’t think it would have saved the campaign. Case in point, a big portion of our Asylum backers supported us again, and even if all 3000+ backers came back to support us (a rare scenario) it still wouldn’t have been enough to reach our goal. The problem remains the same, and that is a lack of “critical mass”, meaning not enough people backing the campaign (we needed about 6000). And this is what baffles me: the reaction elsewhere was tremendous and very positive, but none of that translated into pledges :frowning:

I think things will only get worse from here. We’re far from being the only campaign having problems, and that’s also true for newcomers with great projects (see The Black Glove).

As for the Lovecraft controversy, based on comments and messages, it seems that many fans supported us. It’s just that the dissenting voices are sometimes louder. What Imari says is correct: we wanted to make things right and avoid troubles. Imagine putting so much effort into this campaign and then having to suspend it because someone complains to Kickstarter. This would have been a disservice to you, our backers.

I’ve seen documentation going from HPL’s will to an assignment of rights proving the succession to the Lovecraft Estate. I know this goes against HPL’s approach to copyright (i.e.: none whatsoever) but it’s not my place to discuss it. Rules are rules.

^Thanks for the reply, Agustín. I hope you are able to find another way to fund the project. I am not an HPL fan, but I if the game gets to be made, I will try it out.