Senscape addition congratulations thread

Hi there,
reading some interesting news about certain things regarding Asylum, it seems like the next generation for continuing great horror adventures coming from the Cordes Lineage has entered the realm of this (our) world. So far the number of tentacles seems to be correct and all is in order (no dark chantings needed to be sung I hope).

I wish you three all the best Agustín!


P.S.: Do we get a name? :wink:

Yay! for a lifetime of combined Christmas and Birthday presents :smiley:

Congratulations Agustin! It was nice knowing you when you were laidback, friendly and enthusiastic… Let’s see how things are after a few sleepless weeks ;D

Sleepless weeks? we have 3 daughters in their 20’s and we still don’t get any sleep!! :o :))

Congrats mate, I hope mum and the little fella are doing well

Such wonderful news! Congratulations, Agustin, to you and your lovely wife. Enjoy the little miracle. I’m so happy for you — all three. :slight_smile:

No Thalidomide I hope :no:
Named Robin I hope :nod:
Congrats, good luck and good night!

It took me a little while to understand what was going on, but hurrah! I wish you a life with health, happiness, and madness.

Aww, thanks everybody! It’s wonderful to see all these messages. Yes, it’s all very exciting and a little strange. It’s like our lives turned upside down overnight, but we don’t care. Luckily he’s very calm and eats well, so the sleepless nights are tolerable (so far).

This is a good summary of my situation:

And he’s called Bastian. I’m sure you know why :slight_smile:

PD: We don’t have Thalidomide but I do own some African masks. Should I be worried?

Oh, and Asylum-wise the situation is controlled. Don’t panic :smiley:

Lovely! Just make sure he stays out of the basement and everything will be OK :smiley:

Oh my goodness, Dad. He’s wonderful. All that hair and does he look like you? I think so, yes.

If Agustín starts loosing hair, we know where is gone to.
A man with wife and child doesn’t need it anymore anyways. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m sure you wouldn’t have stole one of them from an African tribe. You didn’t, right? :paranoid:

Just heard the news!

Wishing your family many decades of love, health, and happiness!