Screen resolution and overlays

Agustin, in the Asylum teaser you use a function called resize for your Intro, Readme, and Journal overlays/modules. The Intro and Readme position the overlays. The Journal’s function however, actually scales the Journal Icon to fit the resolution of the player’s monitor. The Journal overlay itself, however does not resize, it just gets positioned in the lower right corner.

Is there a reason why you rescaled only the icon? Is there something in the base code to prevent doing this for the overlay itself?

We’re experimenting with the best size to make overlays. It would be nice to make them for a HD monitor at 1920 x 1080, but at lower resolutions, 1920 x 1080 images are too large and overrun the screen.

So, is there a way to script the overlays to rescale according to the players screen resolution? Also, why did you choose 1280 x 800 for your Screen Resolution in the configuration file?

Thanks as always. :stuck_out_tongue:

Nope, there isn’t. It’s too difficult for the engine to perform these calculations, and often it doesn’t get enough information. Remember: overlays are transparent “canvases” for your images and buttons. You’re free to resize specific items (like the journal icon, which was easy to do), but asking the engine to resize a overlay and recalculate the positions and/or sizes of all the items contained within is too much.

My suggestion would be to use two or more overlays depending on your interface, and move not rescale them as required. Rescaling GUIs is always a pain regardless of the engine. In our case it was easy because it was a simple icon. However, it doesn’t mean it’s the right approach for every project.

One thing to keep in mind: overlays have a size, yes, but this is an “anecdotical” value at best. You CAN move and resize items outside the scope of the overlay, which actually happens in the Asylum teaser.

Also, I used 1280x800 because it’s a nice window size for development and more common in computer monitors than 1280x720. Other than that, nothing in particular :slight_smile:

Related question about overlays… :stuck_out_tongue:

Above, you said that it’s too difficult for Dagon to make the calculations that would allow it to automatically resize an overlay and all of it’s accompanying buttons, images, etc. (So, we’ll pick a size and stick to it. :P)

I know that videos do not currently play on overlays. Will you be adding video capabilities to overlays?


Yeah, I will eventually. But I must confess this isn’t high on my list of priorities. I can see its usefulness (a HUD that displays videos, such as a control panel), but it might be a tinsy bit complicated to implement quickly.

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Okay. Thanks. :slight_smile:

At several points in the game the player can choose to “phone home.” A small screen (a module) descends from the players helmet. I’d wanted this to be at a time and place of the player’s choosing, but perhaps the events can be triggered at specific locations and throw him into a slide for it. I’ll experiment.