Just noticed someone has put together a Blackwood Manor in Minecraft. I’ve never played minecraft, but might be tempted to give it a go if you can achieve the bone-curdling horror of Scratches with some cubes and a bit of imagination :nod:


That was wonderful. The African mask made me laugh. Agustin, I hope that you’ll have the time to watch this. :slight_smile:


Wow, that’s awesome! Thanks for posting. :slight_smile:

I love seeing the crazy fan dedication to things like this. I also laughed hard at the storage room and the mask.

Agustin is going to love this.


That was cool! I loved the furnace part!


Well, I definitely prefer the original version.


I did see it and of course shared it on the Senscape networks… Except, err, this forum :stuck_out_tongue:

It was created by possibly our biggest fan Ashli Lenox. She’s around here too and I’m sure she’ll be chiming in. This was a FA-BU-LOUS work!


I am SO happy that everyone likes my video! It has received nothing but positive feedback and has almost 400 views on Youtube! It was a lot of work rebuilding the manor and I tried to put in as much detail from Scratches that I possibly could. It came out better than expected(both the house and the video) and I couldn’t be more proud. You guys are awesome and thanks for the wonderful comments! :smiley:


Thanks Ashli! Terrific Job!


It is truly amazing what you did here Ashli. How long did it take you?


Amazing. And great work on the sound, too :slight_smile: