Scratches support for Windows 10?


Scratches is an old gem, but it so happens that it works well in Windows 10, be it by DVD or digital download, like or Steam (which I heard were pulled off the market).
However, there’s one little bug that prevents it from working properly: The cursors go nuts.
More specifically, any cursor hotspot that should be in one area is duplicated multiple times depending on where you stand, and clicking those decoy cursors acts like the original one.

So far I have yet to see another forum post regarding this particular issue, so any input would be helpful.

On a side note, any screenshots I tried to take to provide proof of this turned out completely gray, whether from “Control + Print Screen” or Bandicam. This has not happened until now - I distinctly remember gaining mulitple successful pictures using Fraps in the past.


I’m sure @AgustinCordes still has the source code, but unfortunately there are legal reasons why Scratches is not in retail. I don’t know about the (near?) future though.
I think other people (from this forum) were having problems with Scratches in Windows 10. Not sure what kind of problems though…


Yes, unfortunately we can’t do much. Legal issues. But, we could always produce an unofficial patch. Right now we’re focused on Asylum, but I’ll look into it eventually.

What you can try, though, is either play the game in windowed mode, ensure vertical sync is enabled, and perhaps update the video card drivers. I’m sure there’s a workaround because the game does tend to work on Windows 10.


I like the sound of this unofficial patch thing.


Programming! Yay! :smiley:

#6 did give me the same instructions when I bought a copy from them, but it didn’t work.
Trying it now, with alternate control disabled, in windowed mode it does seem to work.

It should be noted that I have a Windows XP older computer that would be better, but its graphics card, according to the log, does not support “non-power-of-2 texture rendering”, so it runs at a pixel-by-pixel speed there.


Not the ideal way to play the game, but it’s something. Sorry it’s not working as intended :confused:


Hey, not sure where to post this and couldn’t get it to work on chit chat, so posting here. Am anxiously awaiting Asylum but also saw a new Black Mirror game. I enjoyed the other 3 and I guess this is going n to be a remake?? But, with all these great games coming out, it’s going to be a super fall season!!!



Thank you @Lady_Shine, it’s totally fine to post comments like this one elsewhere. Lots of horror adventure coming our way, thankfully. Sorry about the long way, but Asylum will be totally worth it!


Recently passed the game on Windows 10 on Steam. No problems found, except for the aspect ratio of 16:9.


Unfortunately on my end, Scratches has been removed from Steam for a long time, and shelved it too despite me still having a copy on their site. Probably due to the exact same bugs I told them about.


Not really, it was removed because its licensing expired and a new publisher wasn’t pursued.

(we – as in Senscape – no longer own the full IP)


Steam and GOG versions of the games are different. Maybe someone knows what’s the difference? :wink:


Not to my knowledge, they aren’t different. They do install components differently, though, and the Steam version is known to cause trouble :confused:


Oh, sorry, my mistake. :disappointed_relieved: In both stores the version of