Scratches Subforum


At first I wanted to say hello to this forum. :smiley:
I am a really fan of your previous game Scratches, I enjoyed every moment in it and also played the Director’s Cut. I was really shocked and dissapointed, that nucleosys has closed it’s doors :cry: , but then I found you guys back in Senscape and your awesome new game Asylum I am really looking forward to it. ^^

So my idea was now, as we see the Scratches threads here are getting more and more, so I thought it wouldn’t been a bad idea to create an extra subforum for it. ^^


Yes, we might do that. Can’t tell you when though :wink:


Ah okay. ^^
And I also wondered, if you will add a Scratches Page in your website in the future, I mean all in all it was your previous game, i think and so it would be like in the good old days at nucleosys… xD