Scratches soundtrack lossless


Hello everyone! Sorry to bring up such old subject, as Senscape team is focused on their new projects, but I’ll be happy to see cd or digital lossless version of Scratches soundtrack. Obvliously, all cd’s seem to be sold out and no one wants to give it away(nothing on ebay, even no pirated flac/ape rip thing :stuck_out_tongue: ). Is that anyhow possible? Because if I had no respect for the Nucleosys, I would ask for .iso of it :oops:


That’s a good question… I honestly don’t know because it’s not my call. IIRC the edition has high quality 320kbps rips of the soundtrack. I will look into the options…

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It looks like the soundtrack at is included with a purchase of the game. Although, for $9.99, it’s the price of a soundtrack CD, anyway. In other words, you get the soundtrack, with a full game download as a bonus! :smiley:

The adventure game shops that used to have the CD no longer carry it, but I did find (legal) digital downloads:

Amazon - … B001AJ8142
iTunes - … d274543921


Actually, I saw the ones on Amazon and iTunes, but my question was about lossless version… Thanks for your replies anyway!