Scratches removed from Steam


So…! I just recently found out Scratches is no longer available to buy on Steam, why is this the case?


Sorry for double post, but it’s also removed from GOG.


We just learned about this yesterday. The contract with the current publisher is expiring later this year, but it would seem that they’re removing the game in advance. I’ll let you know what we find out.


Oh no! :’(
Luckily, I own the original boxed version AND a digital copy of the director’s cut…I swear I don’t have an addiction… :o


What happens when a game that was already purchased and downloaded is removed from steam? Does the person get a refund, o can they still keep downloading the game (even if no other purchases for that game are allowed)?


They can keep downloading the game ad infinitum (or at least until Steam vanishes out of existence).

I’m hoping to share news about this in the near future. Scratches is not gone… it just went back to lurk in the shadows :o


Hopefully soon, the longer the game stands on sale the more chance more people will play this amazing game.


Any update on this?


Not yet. Unfortunately I don’t own the full rights to Scratches so I can’t give you a concrete response right now, but we’re working to bring the game back. Hopefully sooner than later!


OK, thanks :slight_smile:


Any chance of a scratches port into dagonity? the bug fixes alone could be worth it. I’m not asking for a full remake just a more stable version if possible


I’d love to, but it’s not entirely my call. We’ve got our hands full with Asylum for the time being anyway, but we definitely have entertained the possibility :slight_smile: