Scratches Remake


Hi Augustìn,

I really enjoyed your first game “Scratches”. It has a great atmosphere, story and a good sound. Since the last weeks i thought about making a remake of the game. So could you (if you don’t mind) send me the sCream exe. You will see what a young programmer like me can do with it :smiley: . Don’t worry I would send the remake to you if i can.



Hmm… ?? May I ask what you want to do with scream.exe?
Apart from that, you should already have this file, if you own the game.



Erm… You mean the source code, right? I’m afraid I can’t do that anyway since I no longer maintain the SCream engine. Still, a remake sounds flattering, thank you :smiley:


If (formerly known as) Kinesis engine is going to be open source, than scratches can be remade with it, right?


Why would anyone want to do a remake of a game that is close to perfect in every aspect?

This ain’t Hollywood.

Why don’t you put that effort into something original instead?


I know that it’s a perfect horror game. But i would really like to see how my version looks like and therefor i need the SCream engine. I can’t just copy the files from the original game and work with the copied ones, right ??


I’m curious, what value added are you going to investigate? Remodel his scenes? Postprocess the original images? Rewrite the dialogue? None of these are remotely trivial and there is no fully complete documentation for the scream engine, nor does it respect that although the scream engine was made public, the assets for Scratches are a business property sold around the world. It’s probably not Agustin’s to give away.


It’s not even my call guys since I don’t have the full ownership. Still, I would prefer if the game is left alone. It’s definitely flawed but I’m past looking to improve it. I think the game works fine as it is, at least a certain sense of mystery about it remains to this day :nod:


Well, ok. But I’ve been thinking about Scratches 2. But I think it will never be developed, because the house was destroyed in Chapter 2 of the Director’s Cut Edition. Maybe another house?? :smiley:. Anyway, I will buy Asylum immediately as it appears in Germany.


You could do a prequel. Play out everything that happened in Blackwood’s notes, lol. :slight_smile: Including a round trip to Africa.