Scratches in windowed mode


Hi! Does anyone know how to play Scratches Director’s Cut in windowed mode? I googled and read something about changing the scream.cfg file, but I don’t know how to do that. Is there perhaps an easier way? TIA


Hey Fien!

Which version are you running? Steam, GOG, or something older?

The only way it to change scream.cfg, which is always present in the folder where you installed the game. Just edit the file with Wordpad and change this:


That would do the trick :slight_smile:


Hiya Agustin! Thanks for your fast reply. Tried it, but now I have a new problem: I can’t control my mouse in windowed mode. As soon as the intro ends the sky starts spinning like mad. If you don’t know the answer to my new problem, no big deal. I’ll simply go back to fullscreen, like I did the first time I played Scratches. I just wanted to take some screenshots and PrtScn doesn’t work in fullscreen mode.

PS: I have the GOG version.


Ah yes, that was never fixed. If you go to options you can enable the alternate control method, which should work fine!

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If you want to make screenshots, it’s way more comfortable to use a screenshot tool like Simple Screenshot, Fraps or the Steam overlay (non-steam games can added as a shortcut to the Steam library, which also allows to use the overlay). That way you don’t have to tab out of the game after every screenshot to paste it into Paint and to save it.