Scratches - I *Finally* Tracked Down a Copy

Just bought on eBay. Shipping from the USA to Australia, expected arrival early October. I haven’t been this excited about a game since I signed up to back Asylum! :smiley:

Not available via BigFish, can’t get it on Steam, disappeared from GOG.

Come here, my preciooouuussssss … :star_struck:

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Yay!! Great news, dear. Hope you enjoy the game and leaves you even more hyped for Asylum :slight_smile:

Man. You are lucky! I would love to have a copy even though I just could not beat it. That said I am pretty shit when it comes to adventure games. That is one I would love for the collection though.


Oh I’m totally crap at them too but this will keep me amused for ages. :smiley:

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I trust the mysteries at Blackwood Manor are giving you a hard good time :smiley:

I’m just collecting stuff inside the house right now and waiting for the electrician to turn up. I’ll be a while playing this, I feel. Just love the atmosphere. Not stuck yet - too much to explore. What a rabbit’s warren of a place!

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They did themselves proud with this game; very atmospheric.

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