Scratches (Contains Spoilers)


[quote=“Tommy, post:20, topic:552”]Finished Scratches! I’ll play The Last Visit tomorrow.


In terms of the story, does the game actually tell you that Robin killed Catherine? (taking that from the comments above) Or are you supposed to figure it out from details provided to you? I must have missed it. To be honest i played through the final day fairly quickly to get to the ending.[/quote]

It is not explicitly said anywhere, but it is highly hinted. When you get to the cellar, and before peeking at the hole in the wall, you can examine a teddy bear lying in the floor. Once you examine it, your character will notice that it had its neck ripped open. Since earlier in the game you uncover (throughout all those letters and texts lying around the house) that Mrs Blackwood was killed with a sever wound to her neck, you are supposed to connect the dots and deduce that it was Robin who killed his mother. The teddy bear also serves to make the player deduce that its Robin who is locked down there.


Finished The Last Visit. My understanding of the ending was that the man at the door (James) is killed by Robin - at least I thought I heard a scream?


^Its not clear if he actually dies. I think the point of The Last Visit is to make clear that is indeed Robin who was locked in the Cellar. It also hints at why he is the way he is.


I never interpreted The Last Visit’s ending as Robin killing Milton. Robin jumps into Milton’s arms because he’s happy to see him. All those years it was Milton taking care of him, visiting the manor every now and then.

edit - for some reason said “James” instead of “Milton”. I think the above post threw me off.


[quote=“Tommy, post:22, topic:552”]Finished The Last Visit. My understanding of the ending was that the man at the door (James) is killed by Robin - at least I thought I heard a scream?[/quote]Nah. Robin was just happy to see him. At least that is what I always thought.


I actually though that he resented Milton for locking him in the cellar since birth, and would most likely eat him alive once the chance presented itself.


Except that Robin has the mentality of an infant/animal. Infants love their caretakers unconditionally. It’s only when they grow up does anger and resentment appear.


^Then why would he fatally wound his mother while still a toddler?


I always believed that was an accident. Because of his disfigurement (possibly caused by thalidomide), it was assumed that he was a monster and locked away . Pretty sad, actually.


Looking back on it, Scratches really reminded me of The Changeling (with George C. Scott). Loved that film.


I just re-played The Last Visit and there were definite screams as the journalist legged it out the door. I’m pretty sure Robin killed Milton at that point. Plus the way Robin leapt at Milton was just like a large cat would when going for the kill.


Nice catch. This movie was hugely influential for me :smiley:


Just finished the first Broken Sword today and there is a quite sad (and spooky) scene that reminded of Scratches…at the bottom of the well in Spain.