Scratches: Community Playthrough at Adventure Gamers


Some fine folks at Adventure Gamers are doing a community playthrough of Scratches and invited me to join them, so over the next few weeks I’ll be posting my comments and fun trivia about the game. What could possibly go wrong?


I shall follow this with interest 8)


Some very interesting facts to read!

I got a small suggestion though:

It would be great, if we have a specific place for all the Scratches trivia. Currently many facts are scattered throughout the Internet, e.g. in interviews or forums, I even found some threads of nucleosys!

Scratches surely would have deserved a place on the Asylum documentation. :nod:

Alternatively, I offer to prepare a thread, where I would provide an overview of everything I found in the darkest corners of the Internet. Of course with your permission, Agustín! :wink:

EDIT: After some research, the trivia in this playthrough pretty much sums up everything, I’ve found on the web through the years. ^^


I like the idea, yes. I’m making sure that everything I’m saying on that AG thread is being compiled for future use :wink:

Feel free to create the thread here. As soon as I have the opportunity, I’ll be updating the forum software to something more modern, simpler, and better looking!