Scratches availability

Are they not selling Scratches anymore. There must be other copies surely. I owned it before but I can’t remember if I bought it from Steam or bought it on disc. I really want to play it again.

Hey there! Yes, I’m afraid it’s no longer on sale and we can’t do anything about it. But, we’re still giving away Steam keys in our Discord community. It only takes a bit of dedication to get one :slight_smile:

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A bit if dedication…? How to get a key?

Hi and welcome, Anwar! You need to participate in the community and talk a bit. It can take a few days to a couple of weeks until you get the key :slight_smile:

Many thanks for the clarification; I have the CD version and know about the Windows 10 trick to get it to run by changing the screen rate in a configuration file (if I recall correctly)

That’s, unfortunately that’s necessary, even for the Steam version :pensive:

Perhaps you could be so kind as to repeat the detailed instructions here for all to see.

Sure, you need to edit the SCREAM.CFG file that’s present in the installed folder and edit it with Notepad. The trick is to change:

RATE = 0


RATE = 60

Then save and run the game!

My guess is this is why it was pulled off steam early; a great pity given how easy the fix is.

The publishing licence expired and no deal was reached :frowning:

Most unfortunate; now nobody gains (I’m still trying to earn my way to a free key).