Scratches Audio Glitch


Whenever I travel between room, I encounter an odd hiccup in the new room. The audio of the door closing behind me will stutter five times or so before completing.
"sque-sque-sque-sque-sueak slam*
Any idea what settings might be causing this?

EDIT: Forgot to clarify that it’s the GOG Director’s Cut and I’m using XP Pro (32 bit.)

EDIT[sup]2[/sup]: And the music box is not playing either, which may or may not be helpful to know.


You could try editing the SCREAM.CFG file and doubling the AUDIO_BUFFER parameter. It’s weird, though, this shouldn’t happen with modern computers. Then again, performance on audio chipsets can vary from time to time…


Well, that was annoying and confusing. I can change the value, but entering the game reverts it to the original number.


Oooooooh, right. Dang it. The parameters are included in each save game. Could you try if the problem persists when you launch a new game?


I see. I assume that you had a good reason for that setup, although it does limit portability. (Such as transferring a gamesave between a laptop and a desktop.


It was actually an oversight. My fault. I did need to save some parameters, but not ALL of them :sorry:


Nobody’s perfect, so no worries. I hope you’ll avoid that error in Asylum, though. :wink:

I’ve a headache, so likely won’t be testing to see if the buffer matter will solve the problem tonight.


I can confirm that this fixed the issue, although it means I have to start anew. At least I got to listen to the music box.


Yeah, sorry again… It’s an annoying problem and I’m afraid there’s not much we can do :frowning:


These things happen. At least I can have it working correctly from hereon. Thanks once again.