Scratches at Steam


Dear Scratchies!

Maybe some of you are interested to learn that Scratches Director’s Cut is available at Steam now :slight_smile:


Hey, thanks for posting this! I couldn’t take care of the forum yesterday :slight_smile:

Love your avatar BTW. Love every pixel of Wasteland in fact!


Thanks, I found that avatar offered here in the User Control Panel.

Just wanted to ad, that I just finished installing the game from steam: It runs smoothly on a Windows 7 64bit machine. And there is a forum on Steam for it now: You may want to know that a readme.txt is installed with the game,that still points to nucleosys-site for support.

What a great work, Agustin! I remember I once tried to play it, but got too scared quite in the beginning (in the cellar). I lost my nerves :paranoid: and had to quit. :oops: But, having matured, I give it another try now.


It’s great to see that the game is available on steam now. I almost purchased it but I already own a copy of the game. But I have told some of my friends to buy it. It’s a really great game and I enjoyed it very much, especially the atmosphere and the eerie feeling you get when you explore the house. I remember the first time me and my friend got down in the cellar and the haunting music started to play. That’s a nice little memory of a true horror game I’ll always remember.


LOL I can’t even remember the avatars I included in the gallery!

Thank you guys for the kind words, it’s truly amazing to see Scratches gaining such deal of exposure. I’m also delighted that you liked the game this much! One can only hope that Asylum will be this well received too :slight_smile:


I’m pretty sure Asylum will be a great game. I trust your sense of horror as Scratches is one of the most terrifying and mysterious game I’ve played. :nod:


So, speaking of Steam & Asylum… Any chance we’ll see a pre-order?


It’s still rather early for a preorder, but I’ll keep you all posted :nod:


Well, I’m sure there are plenty of people willing to pour their money into this :stuck_out_tongue:


I recently bought the steam version so that I will have access to play Scratches wherever I am. Me and a friend are currently playing it for the second time and it’s still really great and scary. We have discovered some funny bugs though. Two doors at the attic opens at the wrong way. We laughed pretty bad, it looked so funny. =)
We didn’t notice that the first time we were playing it but as we are developing our own game now we have looked more carefully at the graphics. How you model everything and use your textures and stuff like that. It’s really interesting for us to look at. We are really impressed that it’s only one that worked with the graphics? Did he model everything by himself?


I was also impressed with Scratches’ graphics…I especially liked the dusty upholstery.

As far as textures, I know that the team used Mayang textures( cause I use em too, and I noticed a few in Scratches’ models and stuff. The credits confirmed this guess.


Yes, there are some textures that I recognize from mayang and maybe some from cgtextures. The game looks great, especially the indoor scenes. There aren’t much to complain about at all. But there is one door texture taken with a camera flash that disturbs me a little bit.


Good observation! Yes, they were from Mayan alright, a very good site that sadly hasn’t been updated much recently.

In all truth, it was actually two people working on the graphics. I collaborated with the texturing and lighting, but the modeling was done by one person alright.


Yesterday I finished Scratche’s DC for the second time and damn it’s good. I realize that I had to play it two times to fully understand everything in the story and to enjoy it as it should be. The first time I played it I got stuck at some places and had to read a walkthrough to make progress. I remember the puzzle where you had to make the soil in the greenhouse wet to get the shovel. I find that pretty funny though, it has to be really stiff and old soil, like concrete or something to make the shovel stuck that hard. Or maybe Michael is very weak and likes to solve his problems the smarter and cooler way than use brute force lol.

Anyway, I think I enjoyed the game even more this time than the first time I played it. :slight_smile:


[quote="“Coriolan”"]Dear Scratchies!

Maybe some of you are interested to learn that Scratches Director’s Cut is available at Steam now :slight_smile:[/quote]

Done and done… Got it yesterday, waiting for it to get very dark tonight before I sink my teeth into it…

It’s a rainy 55 degree Friday here in Oregon (with all of the Fall colors exploding from my windows), surely not a very good setting to play Scratches tonight - - - or is it just perfect??.. muh hah hah… :smiley:


Oh my gosh - the music in the cellar is soooo eerie - that is as far as I have gotten though - waiting for it to get much darker here on a rainy, 55 degree Fall night, the Friday before Halloween - what could possibly go wrong with this scenario??.. muh hah hah… :wink:


Seen this on steam myself (like a lot of people have now) but unfortunately I didn’t have the chance to buy it as I lacked the funds. Yeah it was cheap, very cheap… But I had other priorities.

Sooo, I managed to get a hold of it none the less. Would of supported you guys if I could’ve. I’ll definitely be buying Asylum though.

Anywho! I love how, in Scratches (I’m only at the start and I’ve never played it), that I can see how the game was made. As I’m a modeller and texturer myself, it’s good to see and makes me smile every time I see a UV seam =]

It’s a beautiful game and has inspired me to go ahead and make something like it. Gonna be hard doing it alone! I don’t expect to finish something, but I might as well just go at it.

Will get in later tonight and play Scratches until the sun rises ;]