Scratches-already anoyed


Im barely 5 minutes into the game and I’m annoyed. This is not the proper place to put your luggage over and over. This is why the game was only $3.00. Come on already. I should be able to put my luggage on the bed or the floor for that matter if I want!!! >:( Ahhhhhhh!! Does it get better? And by the way where does your luggage go? Thanks,


Hi Chris,
Yes Scratches definitely gets better. Some adventure games require actions from the player that are totally nonsensical — sometime torturously so. Not Scratches. There are game conventions though and you just need to find the proper spot in the bedroom. You’ve probably done that by now. (I’d tell you if I could recall the exact location, but I can’t. On a table or next to the desk? Sorry.) When I was stuck, I’d just walk aound the grounds and enjoy the creepy beauty of it. Hope you get past this spot and have fun.


Thank you-I’ll keep playing!!!


When you’re ready to stop lugging your luggage around, go up to the second floor to the guest bedroom (not the big master bedroom with the giant bed, it’s the smaller one at the end of the hall). You’ll see a desk by the window; the typewriter case goes on that. Once you’ve offloaded the typewriter, click on the case to open it and get it all set up for writing later.

The suitcase itself goes on the little table just beside the desk. Once that’s settled, click on it to open it up and rifle through the contents a bit to make sure you have everything you need including phone numbers to contact people in case anything goes wrong. Not that anything will, of course, it’s just a precaution you understand. :wink:



Hey chris544…

Is this, perhaps, one of your first point and click style adventure games??.. These types of games are not for everyone but at some point they may grow on you… If you get completely stuck - and before you start beating your head on your monitor - here is a walkthrough… (only use if you are helplessly stuck, or it will ruin the game for you)…



At times I had to use a guide too, it happens with most point and click games. I suppose the best thing you need to do is have a lot of patience for this genre of games.

I play until I get totally stuck, read a little bit of a walkthrough and then carry on. I’d like to not use a walkthrough, but I have to sometimes… Shame really.

And have a little respect if possible, it’s an old game and the first one from Nucleosys, I think it’s aged well.