Scracthes music addiction

I have to admit, I fell under the charm of scratches’s OST so much I bought it from the internet, bought it again when my hardrive died and I’ve been listening to it on a regular basis for over a year now. Such beautiful, melancholic music to highlight a life! I studied with it, went throught exam with it, I drive with and now I write with it.

Anyone else having the same problem?

And no, I’m not a classical music freak, I listen to pretty much anything, Rammstein, Enya, Craddle of flith, Vangelis, VnV nation and so on…

I have to agree, the music in Scratches is beautiful. I can see why you like it so much. I too downloaded the soundtrack (I even made up a case for it by printing out a scanned copy of the original artwork from the physical CD) and I also have it on my MP3 player. Don’t feel bad, you are amongst other addicts. :nod:

The soundtrack is excelent! I have also studied more than once with it ;). Blame Cellar of rats for the amazing OST.

I don’t think that’s a problem. This soundtrack is just too good.

I also suggest listening to some Noir Jazz if you don’t already. You might like that too. I found this genre a few months ago and it really helps me concentrate while working. Especially Bohren & der Club of Gore’s Midnight Radio album.

I love the Scratches soundtrack. So moody and atmospheric.

Anyone know more soundtracks of the same type? I heard the soundtracks of The Lost Crown and Darkfall but I didn’t like.

How about Discworld Noir, minor pitch, mostly dark, but partially probably too strong for studying.

I’ll take a look at the soundtrack it looks promising, I didn’t know the game but looks interesting too.

The Scratches sound track was definitely excellent. Does anyone know if there is any actual sheet music available for purchase or for download?

I don’t think so, Sean. Though I can ask Cellar of Rats.

NIN Ghosts I–IV might fit the bill all instrumental

That would be awesome Agustin. I would love some piano sheet music if that narrows it down for him.

The music is beautiful I agree, the tune that plays when the basement opens up really did it for me.